Without waiting for Wang Hong to finish,Wei Xiang interrupted him,Frowned and asked:
“You want to worship me as a teacher?”
Although Wang Hong is a little surprised,But he nodded honestly:
“Yes,I want to learn from you the poisonous refining technique。”
Wei Xiang examined Wang Hong for a moment,And asked more directly:
“You should know that I am not interested in taking students,Give me a reason to accept you。”
Since staring at Wei Xiang,Wang Hong has already thought about this problem。
From the information of Fengyu Pavilion,Wei Xiang doesn’t like polite gifts,Only focus on tangible benefits,Only those who can bring him benefits,He would be willing to devote time and energy to each other。
This is also the key reason why Wei Xiang is lazy to accept more students,After all, with his strength and status,It is difficult for those students to bring him much benefit。
“Senior Wei,The younger family at the end of the Middle Ages,Accepted a group of Mohist disciples。”
“Although these people left,But during that time they created a lot of novelties。”
“Some of them,Should be of great help to your research on poisons。”
Wang Hong said his reason,Take out a microscope from the storage bag,Hand it to Wei Xiang who is expressionless。
Since Wang Hong came to this world,Has been collecting all kinds of information,About the Prosperity of Practice in the Medieval Period,It’s his focus。