After listening to Baby Ou,I know I go home and sit at the table,I still can’t get back to God。The protagonist of the villain will lose a few hills like Su。
This girl,It’s almost.
Ou Zhaozhao waved in front of her,“What do you think?eat.”So you can’t eat it?
Baby Ou coughed,I plan to talk to Ou Zhaozhao alone about the heroine Su Xi。
Yuze asked,“Where’s Ono?”
Baby Ou said what he was stimulated by his own words,“.So he pursued progress.”
“.”Yuze is speechless,If you have a stomach,I can’t find anyone, let alone an opportunity to speak。Let’s not disturb your brother’s progress!!But he held back for a long time,Finally decided to speak frankly with Ono,result,Renjie is pursuing progress.I feel like I’m so inferior.
Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty Nine Grind
Si Guangnian was helpless,“He is obviously a vase acting,Why do you always want to be acting?He doesn’t really think he’s an experiential acting boss, right??”
“.”Ou Zhaozhao a little bit older son,“What you say,Don’t let him hear.”Otherwise it will be in trouble,“You don’t want to be too old,I have to coax my brother?”
Si Guangnian coughed,“I’m exaggerating,Ono’s acting skills are still pretty good,We can see his hard work and hard work。At his age,Can have such a grade and ability,very good already。He will naturally encounter bottlenecks in the future,There will be a chance to improve。But now,Before he reaches this bottleneck,Make progress in this life,This is a kind of growth.”In case the final progress is nondescript,The previous results are all in the water,This is how to do?