The “Clown Girl” broke the global box office of 200 million US dollars, and will return to the original after going online
On March 23, the DC superhero movie “Halley Quinn: Raptor Squad” (hereinafter referred to as “Halley Quinn”) officially broke the global box office of 200 million US dollars, but the use of theaters around the world has closed down, leaving it to theThe follow-up box office space is limited. Since “Halley Quinn” was recently released in Japan, it helped the box office of the world to break through 200 million, including North America’s box office of 84.2 million US dollars. Although the film’s North American box office started poorly and its word of mouth fell to the bottom, but the box office income was acceptable.The box office analyst expects that the final box office of the film should be similar to the current data. The film will be available for video on demand tomorrow (March 24). After the home entertainment is online, it is likely to reach a return (production cost of about 82 million US dollars).Or it can make up for the loss of the film side to a certain extent.Earlier, the title of the film was changed after it was released, from “Raptor Squad and Halle Quinn” to “Halley Quinn: Raptor Squad”. A large amount of foreign media was written because the film was in the first week of the box officePoor, so I changed the title of the film and used the popular character “Clown Girl” Halle Quinn to stimulate the audience to buy tickets, but the specific reason for the name change was confirmed.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Zhao Lin