On April 21st, Today’s Toutiao Novel Channel announced the update of the brand as “Tomato Novel”, which is consistent with the name of the independent novel App launched by Toutiao 2019 in 2019.Completely, “Tomato Novel” announced that the audience is free, and the stand-alone application lives more than 10 million a day.This is the latest upgrade to Toutiao’s novel business today.With immediate effect, all novels in the “Tomato Novel” channel in the Toutiao app today or in the “Tomato Novel” app support free reading.According to another official announcement, the “Tomato Novel” application has more than 10 million daily activities. On April 15, “Tomato Novel” joined Toutiao, Douyin, 14 domestic cultural institutions, launched the “all come to read” national reading program, to promote the public to read good books, good books.At present, “Tomato Novel” has been launched the first batch of 100 classic e-books, users open the App, search for “Famous Novel”, you can read it for free.Sauna, Ye Wang Bai Jinlei editor Yue Caizhou proofread Chen Diyan