Equinox solar terms recipes

油酱毛蟹:  [配料]河蟹500克(海蟹亦可),姜、葱、醋、酱油、白糖、干面粉、味精、黄酒、淀粉、食油各适量.

  [Method]Clean the crab, chop off the sharp claws, chop the crab belly upwards and cut it in half, dig out the crab gills, and touch the dried belly with dry flour.

Heat the pan, put the oil on the pan until it is five mature, fry the crab (the side touching the flour is facing down) into the pan and fry. After the crab is yellow, turn over and fry again, so that the crab is heated on all sides, until the crab shell becomes redAt the time, add onion ginger, rice wine, vinegar, soy sauce, white sugar, clear water, and cook for about eight minutes until the crab meat is fully cooked.。  [Efficacy]Yiyin Bumed, Qingre Sanyu.

  海米炝竹笋:  [配料]竹笋400克,海米25克,料酒、盐、味精、高汤、植物油各适量。  [Practice]Wash the bamboo shoots, pat loose with the back of the knife, cut into 4 cm long sections, cut into a strip, put in a boiling water pot to remove the astringency, and remove the cold water.

Boil the oil in the pan until it is 40% hot, ingest the bamboo shoots and fry them slightly.

Leave a small amount of base oil in the pot, slightly burn the bamboo shoots, broth, and salt, and then leave it to taste. Put the wok into the oil and cook until it is 50% hot.Stir-fry in a pot and serve evenly.

  [Efficacy]clearing away heat and phlegm, expelling wind and supporting poison.

  甘蔗粥:  [配料]甘蔗汁800毫升,高粱米200克。  [Methods]Wash the sugarcane and squeeze the juice, wash the sorghum rice clean, pass the sugarcane juice and sorghum rice into the pot, then add an appropriate amount of water and cook into a thin porridge.

  [Efficacy]Bupi Xiaoshi, Qingre Shengjin.