“The person who said my name,It should be you.”Ci Xian looked at the future blogger and said,“Who are you?”
“.”Future bloggers have no words,But go directly to the Super Nine Tails mode,The golden chakra air wave burst from the body of the future blogger,The pineapple head also started to stand up。
Cixuan releases Naruto that was held by herself,Instantly in front of the future blogger,Start a fast and tight fight with the future blogger。
The sound of tearing the air keeps coming,The positions of the two people are constantly changing,At the fastest time, two people change four in one second,Five combat positions。
“Blogger,Thank you。”
After being pulled from the ground by a blogger,Naruto looked at the blogger and said。
“Idiot dad,You still need me to save you。”
Naruto touched his head awkwardly,Then he looked at the two people who were fighting and said:“Blogger,do you know who he is?”
at this time,Sasuke, who jumped out of the black stick cage, also came next to Naruto,Two people watching the fight。
Bo Ren said with a proud expression on his face:“Him,Don’t be too surprised to say it,he is the one.”
“He is the eight generations of Hokage from the future,Whirlpool blogger。”
“Ugh?Sister Huahuo,I should say this to me!”