“Humph,Still use you。”
“It’s been a long time since I was so passionate,Sasuke!”Naruto moves exaggerated,Draw card again,“My round,Draw card!”
“Hokage,Launch an attack on Uchiha Madara, the reincarnated dirt!”After drawing the card, Naruto pointed to Uchiha Madara and said。
Uchiha Madara’s attack power has not changed,Still three thousand。
“Between columns!!”
“Quick Attack Ninjutsu,Izanaki!Discard a writing wheel eye card,So that the ninjas on the field will not be destroyed。”What Sasuke discarded is the writing wheel eye card obtained from the effect of the boy’s soil。
Although Uchiha Madara, who was reincarnated from dirty soil, was not sent to the cemetery,But the aftermath of the battle did affect Sasuke again.,Sasuke’s life dropped another five hundred,Currently Sasuke only has 900 health points。
“Sealing!Diamond Chain!”
“Isn’t this a seal technique of the whirlpool clan?。”The pillars looked at Uchiha Madara who was blocked by chains and said。
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“hateful!”Uchiha gritted his teeth and said。
Naruto said with a sigh of relief“End of round。”
“My round,Draw card。”
Sasuke’s turn,Stars burst again,And bring the pillars to the sky,But this time,His Uchiha Madara is still unable to attack。
“Konoha collapse plan!Destroy cards on the field,For every ninja card destroyed at the same time,Inflict 100 points of damage to the opponent!”