Wang Xuan squeezed the admission ticket in his hand,Throw it in the direction of Jun Qi Teng。
“okay,Wang Xuan,Fan can’t get angry with this kind of person。”Mo Xiaosheng persuaded him。
“I am not angry,I am not reconciled……”
Wang Xuan lowered his head,Look very sad,For today,He worked hard,I didn’t expect it to be empty in the end。
Mo Xiaosheng didn’t know how to comfort him,I feel a little lost,Gently stretched out his hand and patted his shoulder,Asked:“What is Junfu Jewelry exhibiting today?”
“It looks like a gem ring?I heard that the diamond above was discovered from a rare diamond mine in Africa,Expensive。”Wang Xuan shook his head and sighed,“In fact, just look at which counter has a lot of people,You can know where their exhibits are。”
Because of the importance of this exhibition,Almost all jewelry companies have come up with their own things to compete。
Large jewelry companies are driven by brand effects,The surrounding area naturally attracts many people to watch,Because everyone knows that good things come from such big companies,As for small companies,It’s just a glimpse,Not too lazy to waste time。
And the reputation of Lexiang Jewelry is low、Companies with few showcases,Few people care about it at all,As for the corner,Mojinyuan showcase that doesn’t even have a company sign,Not even the slightest popularity,Standing there alone,Like a dead tree in the cold winter,Cold and lonely。
Mo Xiaosheng is curious about the entries from other major jewelry companies,Can’t help but walk around and take a look。
I saw a lot of jewellery and jade companies participating in the competition, mostly jade ornaments.,And the most valuable one is a jade necklace,Lao Keng planted with green jadeite necklace from Tang’s jewelry。
Jade has primary and secondary minerals,Primary mine is often referred to as a new pit,Due to mountain geological movement,The ore of the primary mine is transported by water、After natural elimination, secondary mines are formed,The so-called old pit。
The emeralds in Laokeng have been washed by the river for a long time、soak,Fine texture、Small crystal particles、Head and foot,The product is much better than that of Xinkeng,And this old pit necklace from Tang,Strong color but not aggressive,Lustrous,Even in the old pit, it is one of a hundred!