“Don’t you think there is something wrong?”
Qin Chuan takes it for granted,“One person said she was not good,Not necessarily true,Two people said she was not good,Maybe there is some misunderstanding,But three people,Four people said she was not good,Then she must have something wrong。I didn’t question your judgment,But you like this,But it’s questioning my judgment.”
Because you really have no judgment.
“Miss Sun,Is it convenient to go out for a cup of tea first?Baby Ou finished,Just let people come in and took Sun Xiaofei away。
Qin Chuan didn’t stop either,He knows this is Ou Baobao,Appease Sun Xiaofei,“You wait for me,nothing,Do not be afraid。”
“.”Although it’s not the first time I’ve been treated like this by Bao Bao,But Sun Xiaofei really thought this time,Because of Qin Chuan,Will be different.
Yuze looked at Qin Chuan coldly,This goods,There is a big problem with love。
Baby Ou smiled,Really interesting,If anyone dares to treat her like this,Xiaoyun must have kicked it,Love really has thousands of looks。
“I would like to know,The real reason that prompted you to dissolve your marriage contract with Chen Wenwen。”
Qin Chuan bowed his head,“I hope Daou can let the Qin family go。”Take a breath,“For the Qin family, Da Ou,Just a small cake,There are many businesses and industries in Europe,Are better than Qin’s,fully,Don’t need to swallow the Qin family,Then why can’t you give the Qin family a way to survive??We can sit down,Talk slowly,I can give up inheritance,You can spread the anger on me alone,I can bear it,But the Qin family is really innocent.”
Baby Ou looks at Qin Chuan,“A little cake may not be full,But I still want to eat a piece,This is fun。”
“Daou does not lack the industry of the Qin family,but,When the Qin family used Da Ou,,Have you ever thought that there will be today?There will be you Qin’s parents voluntarily sacrifice themselves to ask for our present?At the beginning, Daou was missing a small partial part,Find the Qin family,The Qin family teamed up with many other factories,Engage in partial monopoly,Sitting on the floor,Shengsheng took one-fifth of the profit of Daou’s entire project,At that time, Ou Dong couldn’t sleep all night,I was worried that the entire project would be scrapped.”