Qin Liang secretly regretted。
“Shall we stay here all the time?”
Wait a while,Seeing Qin Liang didn’t move,Shen Ruoxi asked in surprise。
“Do not,We don’t have enough time,We will go back the same way now。”
Shen Ruoxi’s urging,Let Qin Liang make up his mind instantly,Compared with losing Shen Ruoxi and the others,Food is secondary,Just think of a solution when you go back。
So this one has the largest number,But the action team with the worst mobility began to turn around and return to the camp,This is also helpless,Even if Qin Liang has great talents,He can’t do both at the same time……
one hour later,On the road less than a kilometer away from the camp,Qin Liang unexpectedly received a call!The call came from the general!
“Qin Liang,Where are you and your people on the island?”
As soon as the call is connected,The general asked directly。
“My action team and I are within fifteen to twenty minutes from Camp One,The other five action teams should all be far away from Camp 1.。”
Qin Liang immediately gave an accurate answer。
“it is good,Then you and your action team will now return to Camp One immediately,Ready to receive airdrop materials。”
The general said immediately。
“Airdrop supplies?What airdrop supplies?To whom is the airdropped supplies?”