The price of milk powder has risen!!?The spread of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic has caused the harm of domestic milk powder shortage.”It turned out that it was about 220 yuan a can of a2, and this time the question jumped to 270 yuan.”Bao Ma Wang Yang (pseudonym) told the sauna, Yewang, the child is more than two years old and has been purchasing through Australian friends, and encountered such a big increase for the first time.However, Sauna and Yeewang learned that the price increase was mainly due to the difficulty of taking the goods due to the epidemic situation and the price adjustment of logistics conversion. The local price of the milk powder producing country has not increased significantly.To proceed, the e-commerce platform merchants stated that “it has not been temporarily affected” and “not received the price increase notice”.”The entire industry is under pressure to increase prices. It is currently under pressure and has not yet been released.This pressure mainly comes from the epidemic’s acquisition of milk powder raw materials and logistics costs. The major brands are basically global. A can of infant formula requires many different raw materials. The industry’s global supply chain cooperates closely.”Dong Li (pseudonym) in the milk powder industry told the sauna, Yewang.During the interview, some companies said to the sauna and Yeewang that they had received the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Guarantee of the Supply of Raw and Infant Formula Milk Powder” issued by the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which opened the contact information on the notice.I asked them in detail, asking what the companies have, what raw materials are missing, how much they need each month, etc., and said, “As long as milk powder companies have difficulties, we will find a way” and promise to help companies solve the problems of raw materials and logistics.Logistics prices are rising + procurement is difficult. Some purchase prices are rising. Wang Yang was shocked to inquire about the reasons for this skyrocketing price. The other party said that since the outbreak, the express has increased three times. The original shipping cost of a can of milk powder is less than 40.Now it’s almost 60 yuan.”Milk powder itself has also risen in price, but it is not obvious because of the decline in exchange rates.”If according to the previous exchange rate, a jar will cost 280-285 yuan.”At present, milk powder can still be purchased, and there is no shortage of products for the time being, and the price has not increased, but the logistics method has been affected by the epidemic.”Yang Feng (pseudonym), who is doing purchasing in Hong Kong, China, said,” The current purchasing is more expensive than before, because the previous purchasing were all sent through the Shenzhen port, rarely used direct mail from Hong Kong, and now can not cross Shenzhen, Hong KongDirect mail is too expensive.”Sauna, Yewang interviewed several purchasers and learned that this round of price increases was mainly affected by the epidemic. It was difficult to get goods and some logistics companies have increased their costs. The local milk powder price has not increased significantly for the time being.Xiao Hua (pseudonym) opened a gift shop in Australia. He told the sauna and Yeewang: “Currently the milk powder is sent by air, but the freight rate has increased, and the grocery price is AU $ 8 per kilogram, and the milk powder is AU $ 5 per kilogram.-8 weeks to the country, it used to be within 1 month.”Li Jie (pseudonym), who has lived in Australia for many years, has recently encountered the problem of milk powder being difficult to buy.To the sauna, Yewang said: “I only bought milk powder for my friends on April 14th. Now the epidemic is serious. Many gift shops are temporarily closed. Finally, I have found one by one. Although the door is closed, you can contact the owner to buy it.Purchasing generally goes to the gift shop, because there will not be restrictions on purchases.”Britain milk powder has basically not increased in price, but purchasing will definitely go up, because purchasing can only be done through online transactions. Due to the epidemic, delivery is very slow, and there are many people buying online. It is not as easy as before.”A British purchasing agent told reporters.In addition, a Canadian resident showed reporters screenshots: “I bought this milk powder half a year ago, and the price is now about the same as it was then.”According to the sauna and Yewang, under the epidemic, not all logistics have increased their prices.”A large domestic logistics company said to Sauna and Yeewang: “The shipping cost from Europe to China has not increased, but the time limit will increase. During the epidemic prevention and control period, courier shipments may be adjusted at any time by the flight arrangement during the transshipment process, andDifferent countries have different degrees of traffic control impact, and the time limit has increased, so it is temporarily impossible to promise the delivery time of express mail.At the same time, several e-commerce platform merchants told Sauna and Yeewang that the price of milk powder has not increased and has not received a notice of future price increases, but some merchants said: “Procurement is more difficult than before, and there are still stocksAs the epidemic intensifies, the logistics speed has a certain impact.”Domestic brands are mostly imported milk sources. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a document for enterprises to resolve difficulties. The data shows that there are more than 740,000 milk powder-related companies nationwide, mainly in wholesale and retail, accounting for 89%.39%.Under the ranking, there are less than 10,000 existing companies that produce milk powder, less than 2% of the number.In addition, among the less than 2% of domestic milk powder companies, too many domestic milk powder brands are imported milk sources, and the main raw materials of Chinese milk powder, whey and lactose, are imported. European and American countries are the main substitutes for these raw materials.On March 13 this year, the listed company Beinmei Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Beinmei 002570) announced that the company had received some investors’ concentrated attention on the background of the epidemic sweeping the world on the exchange platform such as the interactive inquiry platform of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange., Inquiries about the company ‘s lactoferrin supply being affected.During the campaign, the price increase of lactoferrin had an impact on the performance of Beyme.On February 28 this year, Beinmei disclosed that the 2019 performance bulletin showed that Beinmei achieved operating income of 27 last year.9.7 billion, an annual increase of 12.31%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was more than 88 million yuan, compared with 41.11 million yuan in the same period in 2018.In the first half of 2019, the price of lactoferrin increased, the number of newborn babies decreased, and the market stagflation became the top priority for performance change.Beyne said that lactoferrin is one of the company’s main raw materials for milk powder production. The total market of lactoferrin has dropped from about 30,000 per kilogram to about 10,000, but supply and demand are still in a tight balance.The reporter noticed that recently, the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Guarantee of the Supply of Raw Materials and Supplements for Infant and Infant Formula Milk Powder” (“the” Notice “), Sauna and Yewang confirmed the authenticity of the notice through people familiar with the matter.The “Notice” said that the current spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in many countries and regions around the world will have a certain impact on the production and import of infant milk powder and auxiliary materials in developing countries.Especially for desalted whey powder (D90, D70), whey protein powder (WPC80), lactose, lactoferrin and other raw materials with high external storage, there are certain risks in the current supply chain.The “Notice” pointed out that each production enterprise should pay close attention to sorting out the existing imported raw material inventory, and pay close attention to the situation of overseas suppliers’ production organization and logistics transportation, and, if possible, gradually expand the procurement of main raw materials and auxiliary materials, try to ensure4-6 months of raw material reserves to prevent supply chain risks.If you are faced with difficulties in international logistics and customs formalities during the import process, you can always report them to our company.Some companies found that Sauna and Yenet had opened the contact information in the “Notice”. The other party said “as long as the milk powder company has difficulties, we will find a way” and promised to help the company solve the raw material and logistics problems.When the supply logistics got stuck there and couldn’t go any further, we told us that we are here to help you coordinate and keep your supply chain smooth.”Sauna, Ye Wang Xiao Wei Li Yunqi Editor Chen Li Wang Jinyu School to deal with Chunxin reporters contact email: xiaowei @