[Homemade potato meatballs]_How to do_How to do

In our daily life, for most people, a vegetable that can never eat too much and can always change its pattern is potatoes.

Of course, potatoes themselves can supplement nutrition. Some potatoes can be supplemented with multiple vitamins and dietary fiber. Often, they can be used both to support the stomach, to strengthen the spleen and dampness, to relieve inflammation and detoxify, and to have a bowel and laxative effect.

Or so potatoes are the most common food, cheap, nutritious and healthy.

Let ‘s take a look at the common practice of potato meatballs!

First, fried potato meatballs ① materials 300 grams of potatoes, 50 grams of flour.

1000 grams of seasoning oil (about 150 grams), 1/2 teaspoon of refined salt, 1/3 teaspoon of MSG, 1/4 teaspoon of spiced powder, onion, ginger, a small amount, pepper and salt amount.

② Method 1: Wash, cook, peel, and mash the potatoes. Add flour, allspice, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, shallots, and ginger.

2. When the pan is overheated to 70% heat, squeeze the mashed potatoes into small balls, deep-fry into the oil, and when it is golden brown, remove the drained oil and place on a plate, and serve with pepper and salt.

Material replacement uses tofu to replace potatoes, called fried tofu meatballs.

Taste changes mashed potatoes with egg yolk and chicken essence, called fried golden potato meatballs.

Second, shiitake mushroom and potato balls ①Materials: potatoes (2, 680 g), dried shiitake mushrooms (2), parsley (1) Seasoning: cream (1 tablespoon), salt (1 tablespoon), chicken powder (1 /3 tablespoons), raw flour (1/2 tablespoon), clear chicken broth (1/4 cup) ② Method 1 Wash potatoes, cut into hob pieces, and soak in clear water; wash and chop coriander.

2 Boil the water in the pot, add 1 tablespoon of salt, add potato cubes, cover with medium heat for 10 minutes.

3 Pick up the potatoes and drain the water to cool, add them to the fresh-keeping bag, and press them to make mashed potatoes.

4 Squeeze and dry the shiitake mushrooms and squeeze the water.

5 Put mashed potatoes in a large bowl, add ground mushrooms, 1 tablespoon salt, 1/3 tablespoon chicken powder, 1 tablespoon crushed, 1/2 tablespoon raw powder and 1/4 cup clear chicken soup, stir well.

6 Take an appropriate amount of mashed potatoes, put them into balls of the same size, drain them into a dish, and cover them with a plastic wrap.

7 Boil the water in the pot, add potato meatballs, cover with high heat and steam for 5 minutes.

8 Take out the potato balls, peel off the cling film, sprinkle with coriander, and serve.

Third, roasted potato meatballs ① 200 grams of potatoes, 150 grams of lean pork, 50 grams each of carrots and green peppers, flour content.

1000 grams of seasoning oil (about 75 grams), 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1/2 teaspoon of refined salt, 1/3 teaspoon of monosodium glutamate, 1 teaspoon of white sugar, pepper noodles, green onion and ginger, and starch.

② Method 1: Wash the potatoes, cook them, peel them, add a little flour, refined salt, pepper noodles, shallots, ginger, MSG and moderate water to mash them, squeeze the yolk balls, and fry them in hot oilIt was golden brown and drained; the lean pork, carrots, and green peppers were cut into cubes, simmered in water, and poured cold.

2. Heat the wok, add a little base oil, spring onion, ginger shabu-shabu, sauté the meat, carrot and stir-fry, add soy sauce, refined salt, white sugar, add soup, then add potato balls, burn until taste, see the thick soupWhen thick, add diced green pepper, monosodium glutamate, thicken with water starch, and drizzle oil.

Material replacement replaces potatoes with taro, called roasted taro balls.

Taste changes, and chilli powder is added to the mashed potatoes, which is called roasted spicy potato meatballs.

4. Potato balls in oyster sauce ① Material potatoes, eggs, rapeseed, black pepper, soy sauce, shallots, ginger, garlic, cooking wine, oyster sauce, starch, oilThe spoon is ground into mud.

2. Add a small amount of salt, black pepper, soy sauce, and beat in an egg.

3. Stir the mashed potatoes evenly.

4. Use your hands to mash the mashed potatoes into the right size balls, wrap them with dried starch, and pat them.

5. Wash the rapeseed and take the heart part.

6. Cut the shallots, ginger, and garlic into slices and set aside.

7, put more oil in the pot, put the meatballs into the oil, and fry until medium golden.

8. Remove the meatballs for future use.

9, from the pan, put a small amount of oil, add green onions, ginger and garlic to fry.

10, add rapeseed and stir-fry.

11. Add two spoons of oyster sauce and cooking wine.

12, put a small bowl of water, add salt.

13. Stir in water starch after boiling.

14, pour in the meatballs, wrap the soup and dispense.15. Load the plate.