China aids 深圳SPA会所 Sudan medical team to carry out new crown pneumonia training for Sudan medical staff
Khartoum, People’s Network on the training site, February 20 (Reporter Su Hang) In order to disseminate knowledge on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, improve the ability of Sudanese medical staff to identify and diagnose the epidemic in the early stage and to treat clinically, and eliminate the panic of the epidemic, Actively enterprising all circles in Sudan to understand and support the work of prevention and control of hypertension.On February 19th, China’s 35th batch of rescue Sudan medical teams conducted training seminars on the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia at the Ntuman Friendship Hospital, Dr. Naga, an infectious disease prevention and control expert at the Ministry of Health of Sudan, and Hatim Hospital of the Ntuman Friendship HospitalMore than 50 medical staff attended the training.At the meeting, my medical team briefed Soviet medical staff on the latest situation of some new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work and the Chinese government’s implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures and the positive results achieved.The experts of the medical team provided detailed and in-depth explanations on the protection of new crown pneumonia personal and medical personnel, the consultation process of fever patients and health science, and demonstrated on-site practical operations, medical personnel interaction, and in-depth analysis of key issues.Improve the knowledge and control of Soviet medical staff in the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia.Community internist Naga, an infectious disease prevention and control expert at the Ministry of Health of Sudan, spoke highly of the launch of the training.She said that China’s measures to cope with new coronary pneumonia are positive and effective and worth learning from the Soviet side.The Sudanese medical and health system has given sufficient recognition to the Chinese government’s active and effective prevention and control measures in response to the epidemic and the performance it has achieved. She also conducted lectures and exchanges on the implantation therapy of new coronary pneumonia based on her work.Mohamed, the medical director of the Ntuman Friendship Hospital, said that the Chinese medical team and the Ntuman Friendship Hospital have established a deep relationship for a long time and thank them for their selfless dedication.This training on new crown pneumonia is easy to accumulate, and has strengthened the awareness of virus prevention and control of Soviet medical staff. I hope more relevant knowledge training, Wuhan, China, China![1][2]