When he knew that the airborne was the cousin of Gu Mu’s wife,Have a deeper understanding of the strength of Gu Mu’s background。
Gu Mudao:“That cousin is about forty now。Main hall level around forty,Do you know what that means?”
Fang Hao shook his head:“do not know。”
He doesn’t even know what level the main hall is,Even less likely to know what that means。
“That means he has a higher development space in the future。”
When saying this,Gu Mu also pointed up。
He refers to the sky。
Fang Hao still doesn’t understand。
Gu Mu pondered for a while,Said:“Tell you this,Her cousin,Is the focus of their family’s generation,All the family resources will pile up on her cousin,This also includes my Jinshan Investment Company。To give him a job record,Let him rise faster。The minimum guarantee requirement is entry,Higher expectations are regular。As for whether it can be Zheng Kuk,It depends on luck。”
Hao understands this below,I couldn’t help but took a breath。
This goal is for grassroots like him,It’s too grand。
Gu Muyoudao:“of course,There are many people walking along that road,So many locations,Competition will be fierce。Have that goal,Not necessarily。”
“but,Based on the resources owned by that family,As long as the one doesn’t make a big mistake,For example, economic、Style above、And the problem of standing in line,In another twenty years,Entry should not be a problem。”
Incoming,That’s also quite an achievement。
At least for Fanghao,That’s a level that can’t be reached。
But he still doesn’t understand,Gu Mu told him what’s the intention。
He is just a flow,What can be done?