“You let me go!Hurry up!”
Chen Hao shocked,Immediately struggling desperately,She was afraid that if Shen Ruoxi came back to see this scene,Then the end of the world!
“You promised to give me a daughter,I will let you go。”
Qin Liang is unmoved,Keep holding her。
“No birth!”
Chen is so angry,Angrily。
“No birth?Ha ha,Sample。”
Qin Liang suddenly hugged Chen Hao,Turn around and walk to the bed……
“What are you doing!Qin Liang!”
Chen Hao was terrified immediately,This guy is going to have sex with me now, right?!
Qin Liang didn’t speak,Put Chen Hao directly on the bed,Hold it down and start to untie her clothes!
“Oh my God!Stop making trouble!Please!”
Chen is so yelling but dare not yell,Struggling and not struggling,The rhythm is really going to be scared to death,She was so anxious that she was sweating。
“Give you one last chance,Promise not to give me a daughter?”
Qin Liang asked,Hands are already untying Chen’s pants,of course,He is just a prank,He has always been like this,I’m interested, how to toss how to toss,How to fool around,But his ears are always on high alert,Listening to the movement downstairs,Noisy,He doesn’t want to die……