On May 15th, Marriott International Group announced that more than 130 of its hotels have been fully online and are hungry, and simultaneously opened high-end catering delivery services in 49 cities across the country.Sakura shrimp fried Whampoa egg set, pure meat handmade big bag, etc. have become?Special meals.Since March this year, Shangri-La, InterContinental, Hilton, Kempinski and other international first-line hotel groups have gone online and are hungry. They took the lead in achieving the “cloud recovery” during the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.Through the initial recovery of living consumption, the expansion of high-end food delivery business and the promotion of the intelligent upgrade of catering services have become a new breakthrough in the upgrading of many high-end hotel services.It is reported that the meals on the line include various types of breakfast, afternoon tea, Western light meals and Chinese dinners. Before going online, Marriott and Hungry together will accurately analyze the consumer needs of various places and match all the online meals.A new round of exclusive optimization has been done again for price and delivery.According to some Marriott hotel data that has been hungry on the line, over 80% of its catering takeaway consumers come from CBD white-collar workers, Guangzhou Marriott ‘s Sakura Shrimp Fried Huangpu Egg Package, Wuhan Marriott ‘s pure meat handmade big bags have also become the most popular.Welcome specialties.”We believe that upgrading is the best way to promote recovery.”Introduction to relevant business leaders who are hungry?” Next, we and Marriott International Group will further explore in the direction of Ali ecological member operation and service content development, and fully open up more scenarios such as leisure and travel to build a high-end hotel industry.The model of digital upgrade.”Sauna, Ye Wang. Ouyang Xiaojuan is hungry for the picture editor Zhu Fenglan proofreading Li Xiangling