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Breastfeeding women attach great importance to the quality of milk, which is related to whether the child can get enough nutrition to support the body’s growth. Therefore, paying attention to the quality of milk and improving the quality of milk is a concern of many breastfeeding women. Some pregnant women areDo a lot of dormant tea water during lactation to improve the quality of milk. So, can you drink scented tea during lactation? What are the effects?

1. Precipitated acid easily contained in tea can be combined with iron in food, which can affect the absorption of iron and cause anemia.

The higher the concentration of tea, the higher the accumulated acid content, and the more serious the effect on iron absorption.

Breastfeeding women need to nourish the body, and drinking tea during breastfeeding can lead to anemia.

At the same time, the caffeine in tea can enter the baby’s body through milk, which easily causes the baby to have intestinal cramps and suddenly cry for no reason.

2. Impact on breast milk replacement experts concluded that drinking tea during lactation will affect breast milk replacement.

Because if you drink a lot of tea during this period, the high concentration of acid in the tea will be absorbed by the mucous membranes, and the boots will affect the blood circulation of the breast, inhibit the secretion of milk, and cause insufficient milk secretion.

3. Affecting the health of the baby After drinking the tea, the caffeine in the tea is inhaled by the baby through the milk, which can excite its breathing, gastrointestinal and other underdeveloped organisms, thereby speeding up breathing, avoiding stepping, and causing the baby to cry for no reasonOr sleep less.

Breastfeeding mothers should not use caffeinated coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, and certain cold medications.

Premature babies excrete caffeine more slowly than full-term babies, so mothers who breastfeed premature babies are advised not to consume caffeinated beverages.