Big event board loading。
Complete big event missions to get massive event redemption points,No reward for failure。
Parallel Ninja。
Uchiha, who gained extraordinary power through the system, looked at the people in the Ninja World standing below.,A calm expression。
“Naruto,are you OK?”
Sasuke stared at Naruto next to him panting,The Chakra in his body who had just finished fighting with Otsuki Kaguya was almost exhausted。
“I don’t have much chakra,It will take some time for Nine Tails to refine Chakra。”
Naruto looked up at Uchiha floating in the air and said。
“Have you finished discussing your tactics??but,Even if we haven’t finished discussing,I won’t give you any more time。”
Uchiha Instant Fire Silently Turns on Super Saiyan Mode,Hair turns yellow while standing up,The golden chakra air waves continue to emerge from Uchiha’s body。
“Naruto,Be careful!”
Sasuke’s reminding voice just fell,Naruto was kicked by Uchiha,Sasuke turned his head and looked to his side,Uchiha instant fire standing in the position of the kicked Naruto。