Chapter 105 The Mystery of Life Experience(Subscribe)
“Go see what’s going on!”
One of them came to Moka’s side to check,His lower body was directly comminuted at the foot of the wizard just now,No salvation possible。
After checking Moka’s body, looking at the two wizards with blank brows,Walked over with a sigh。
“what happened?”
“Ugh,Magic card is dead,All meridians are broken,The brain has been severely injured and has become an idiot,I was half disabled just after the wizard’s kick。”
The wizard looked at the magic card in the distance with cold eyes,Disappeared in place with a cold snort,The two looked at the magic card sympathetically and disappeared,Without ordering them, they dare not know the life of Moka without authorization。
“Cough,Brother brother is here,Don’t be afraid when brother is here,Brother take you home!”Moka laughed wildly,Crawling hard on the ground with my own hands,A long blood stain appeared on the ground。
“thump”A magic card fell into the cold water,At this moment the small soul beast is still devouring his body,Moka held tightly the tree stick in his hand,A relaxed expression on his face,Slowly sink into the deep sea。
A generation of strong men has fallen,Titled Douluo, who used to be all-powerful, died in the cold water,The proud flesh is swallowed in the sky。
At this time, Lin Yan had already come to the border of the Star Luo Empire.,Calculating the time, Dai Mubai and the two will leave Star Luo Empire for Shrek Academy soon,It will also be a good opportunity for him to block。
Lin Yan stopped at the cliff hundreds of kilometers away from the Star Luo Empire,Must take a break after a long journey,Lin Yan sat on the ground to rest after observing that there were no suspicious people around。
He was most angry that he failed to destroy the sub-temple of the Soul Hunting Palace,But ruining a Title Douluo also made the Soul Hunting Palace feel distressed for a while。
Lin Yan took out the soul-breaking gun and placed it next to him,The strong sense of oppression makes the surrounding spirit beasts afraid to step forward,Lin Yan slowly closed his eyes,Directly entered the inner world of the soul-breaking gun,It’s been some time since I left,The old man doesn’t contact him during this time。
Lin Yan came to the inner world to observe the surroundings,I didn’t see Yuntian。
“Old man,Old man!”Lin Yan yelled to the sky,But there is still no Yuntian。
“Where did you go?”Lin Yan scratched his head and walked out。
A moment after Lin Yan left, an old man in white clothes appeared where Lin Yan disappeared.,The old man’s two pale temples and reluctant eyes stared into the sky。