Yang Shiyun looked resentful,Pitiful complaining。
“Yep,I just do it,Anyway, I have the largest official position,I have to be what I say,It’s not easy for you to resist,and so,Be honest with yourself,Quickly do what I need to do,Don’t let me clean you up。Haha……”
Liu Yong finished,Smiled triumphantly。
Time passed slowly,It’s finally five forty。
It’s like a storm is coming suddenly,A large number of police suddenly appeared in all directions,In an instant it surrounded the whole street where the travel agency was located,Traffic is cut off,Any intersection in and out of this street is forbidden。
Then there are policemen with guns and live ammunition.,Enclosed the building where the travel agency is located.。
The pedestrians on the street were blocked by the police to the other side of the street,Everyone whispered in panic,Speculating about what happened……
“start to act!”
Qin Liang kept looking at the watch on his wrist,When the needle was pointing to 5:50,He shouted,Open the car door,Rushed off the car like a whirlwind,Yang Zhi followed,Two people rushed to the door of the travel agency like two tigers。
“Who are you looking for?What do you want?”
The receptionist of two travel agencies,I saw two people rushing into the gate with guns suddenly,Panicked and asked loudly,But I didn’t wait for the two of them to speak,Qin Liang and Yang Zhi rushed past them,Rushed straight up the stairs。
“Hey,Who are you looking for?”
Rush to the corner of the stairs on the first and second floors,The staff of the two travel agencies are trying to get down the stairs,These are also two young boys,Seeing Qin Liang and Yang Zhi suddenly come forward,Shocked,Instinctively want to reach out to stop them。