[Effects and Functions of Banana]_Benefits_Necessary

Plantain is a fruit that looks and tastes similar to bananas, but the efficacy of the two is still different.

Generally speaking, plantain has many functions and effects such as laxative, laxative, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, causing edema, energy supplement, anti-cancer and lowering blood sugar, which can promote the improvement of human body quality.

Below, I will introduce the efficacy and role of plantain in detail for everyone.

First, the efficacy and role of plantains 1.

Intestinal laxative, banana-like cold energy can clear intestinal heat, Weigan can intestinal laxative, and contains relatively rich supplementary fiber and a certain aunt, has the effect of regulating the intestines, intestinal laxative, and has a certain effect on constipation.

Bananas are warmer than bananas, and are more suitable for people with cold stomachs and the elderly.


The anti-inflammatory and detoxifying methanol extract in the flesh of plantain has inhibitory effects on bacteria and fungi. Eating plantains can play a certain anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect.


Relieve edema When the human body consumes too much salt, it will cause a large amount of water to remain in the cells, which may cause body edema, and plantain has relatively rich potassium elements, which can help the body to expel these excess salts, so that the body reaches potassium.Sodium balance can help relieve edema.


Replenishing energy Plantain has a lot of sugars and other nutrients, such as protein, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin, cellulose, protein and so on, which can relieve and supplement nutrition and energy.


There are many polysaccharides and additive fibers in the anti-cancer plantain, which can help excrete carcinogens, and the plantain contains a certain amount of selenium, which is recognized as an anti-cancer element.

Therefore, regular consumption of plantains has a certain effect on anti-cancer and anti-cancer.


The content of potassium in plantain is lower in blood pressure, and potassium is helpful for lowering blood pressure, and it has certain effect on suppressing the increase of blood pressure and blood vessel damage caused by sodium ion.

Second, how to choose high-quality plantain banana peels are bright yellow or blue-yellow, the comb handle is complete, there is no shortage and substitution.

A single banana has a curved body, plump, plump, fresh color, and bright, smooth fruit surface, no disease spots, no scars, no mold, no damage, easy peeling of the fruit, and slightly hard flesh.

When buying bananas, people often like to pick fruits with bright yellow color and spotless skin.

In fact, the inside of such a banana has not been completely astringent and ripened. The flesh is hard and astringent, and the aroma cannot be fully emitted.

Third, the plan of eating taboo is especially suitable for dry mouth, irritability, dry throat and sore throat, dry stool, hemorrhoids, stool blood, upper gastrointestinal ulcer, excessive drinking and unhangover, hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriesThose with sclerosis; Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, and those who suffer from diarrhea should not eat more. Raw food, acute and chronic nephritis and renal insufficiency should not eat.