[Bao Xin Yu Wan’s practice]_ Bao Xin Yu Wan’s common practice _ Bao Xin Yu Wan’s practice Daquan _ How to make Bao Xin Yu Wan

In fact, cooking is not as difficult as everyone thinks. As long as you want to learn, you can slowly practice.

I will introduce the method of Bao Xin Yu Wan below. Take a closer look. I believe you can learn it.

Add 1 puree of fatty meat, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 egg white, half a tablespoon of raw flour and stir in one direction.

Then start preparing to beat it 2.

2 dozen fish paste, use a knife (or spoon) to scrape the fish along the lines, and then use the back of the knife to chop (to be chopped by hand), this is Yurong 3.

Make the stuffing, add the right amount of raw soy sauce, sugar, salt, and cooking wine in one direction.

Wrap fish balls, knead the pork stuffing into a small ball, don’t be too big, it is estimated that you can touch only half of the fish balls (otherwise the fish balls won’t cover the stuffing).

Then sprinkle a layer of raw flour on the surface (so that the fish does not separate) 5.

To make fish balls, grab a handful of fish paste in the palm of your hand, and hold it lightly, let the fish paste come out from the thumb and forefinger to form a round ball, then put the stuffing in the middle, seal it, scrape it up with a small spoon, and put it in the water-filledSlightly boil in the pot to 6.

To cook fish balls, the fish balls should be boiled with slightly boiling water and boiled over low heat, otherwise it will spread easily.

After all the pots have been squeezed out, heat over medium heat and bring to a boil.

The fish balls rise to the surface and are ready to cook. Add salt, vinegar, pepper, green onion, and start eating. After reading the specific methods and steps of this dish, you may find it a bit complicated, but it is really just your practice.Just read it.

If you can devote yourself to the practice of cooking, I believe you can finish it soon.