Afternoon Mingbo City: There may be a big shock near 3000 points

Sina Finance News on February 20th, the broader market opened slightly higher. After the market opened, the index once rose, the index rose more than 1%, but then quickly fell back. The Shanghai index once turned green during the session. The stock market, the liquor stocks rose strongly, occurred in the morning.At the close, the index recovered again after weakening in the early trading. The brokerage sector collectively pulled up. In general, the market as a whole fluctuated by half, the profit-making effect was average, and the market size was acceptable.

At the close of the morning, the Shanghai Composite Index was quoted at 2989.

31 points, up 0.

47%; Shenzhen Component Index reported 11376.

99 points, up 1.

26%; The Pioneer Index reported 217.

30 points, up 1.


  Gold Pickers: Long bulls or organize a breakthrough in the afternoon If the main force wants to stabilize the market, the long bulls must organize an upward breakthrough in the afternoon and then run again around 3000 points to maintain the bottom 2980 point area, so I personally think that the main force in the afternoon may still beThere was a breakthrough. If the main force chooses to run below 2980, then the pressure above will increase in turn, and the probability of directly testing and confirming support is also very high.

But the overall market is definitely the main tray, so we don’t have to worry too much, the position should not be too big, just wait patiently for the market to develop.

  Guo Yiming: If there is a large shock near 3000 points, what direction do you need to pay attention to once it is adjusted?

Technology stocks and the Tesla industry chain are still the main line. Even though they have risen significantly, a large amount of funds have escaped. Many stagnation targets still have room for further growth.

In addition to these surprises, it is important to note that blue chips are stagnant.

In this wave of upward progress, the performance is still relatively weak, but the gap between blue chips is good, and the performance is stable. After the division, it may be killed by mistake. At the same time, it is also facing the positive boost of expansion and repair and expansion of tolerance.Better chance of low smoking.

  Stock sea lighthouse: intraday rebound can not chase increasing Masukura purely from the analysis of technical indicators, the MACD indicator line and the KDJ indicator line on the Shanghai stock market daily chart form a golden fork resonance state, indicating that the short-term adjustment of the broader market will not continue to decline unilaterallyThe lack of a short-term moving average on the daily chart changes from the original downward movement to the upward direction, which will constitute a support for the falling stock index.

However, the 21-day moving average (2951 points) has temporarily integrated into a downward trend, which has a downward reaction on the stock index above; the MACD indicator on the 60-minute chart has a top divergence phenomenon, which indicates that the corresponding 北京夜生活网 level adjustment risk has not been completely eliminated for the time being.