Lai Haijin is sitting in the cafe,Overlooking the river view not far away,Looking at those tall buildings,Unconsciously sigh,“When young,I used to dream of buying a house here sooner。But now I know,If there is no big opportunity,It is a crime for ordinary people to even dream about it。”
“Ha ha,Lai, you still lack the money to buy a house?”Wen Fan, who was dressed like a brother, smiled,“You are in Tomson,You can buy three or five houses at will.?”
Tomson is no longer a high-priced mansion on the Huangpu River,But average price15Million price,Buying a set is at least 70 to 80 million,Three or five sets are at least3About 100 million。
The beauty sitting beside Lai Haijin.Female,Unconsciously, the eyes are glowing,Subconsciously approached him。
It’s the more beautiful young girl next to Wen Fan,But didn’t care,Just curled up beside him like a kitten。
This is also natural。
Only this year32Wen Fan,Not only is his father a well-known real estate businessman in Shanghai,I entered the entertainment industry after graduating from university,All the way,Now he is the vice president of Mavericks, one of the most famous second-tier film and television companies,Is also the second largest shareholder。
Wen Fan owns30100 million assets,Plus people are handsome,I don’t know how beautiful these years.Female celebrities hug,Don’t know how much.Women want to be Mrs. Wen。
Although the previous women have failed,But every newcomer will feel,I will succeed。
Lai Haijin smiled,“Wen Shao,As a person in the entertainment industry,Even if it is rich,Can you compare to your bosses??”
“That’s not necessarily。”Wen Fandao,“For example, Mr. Chu Liuxiang,If he writes two or three more similar to《Gift in Room 7》Such a super classic,What is my foundation in his eyes?”
Wen Fan didn’t demean himself too much。
《Gift in Room 7》Film and television、Books etc. add up,Overall revenue exceeds10Billion RMB,It’s already a certainty。
If after Chu Liuxiang,He invests and shoots all by himself,Then more money will be earned。