Ding Hai never thought she was a guest of the municipal party committee secretary,He thought it was a high school student participating in military training。
“I’m looking for Secretary Guan。”Little girl has bright eyes and white teeth,Two big eyes are very clever。
This is the youngest guest of the municipal party committee secretary Ding Hai has seen。
But he dare not neglect,Guan Hao specially asked himself to receive her,It shows that she has an unusual relationship with the secretary of the municipal party committee。He led her to the small reception room,I took a glass of pure water to the little girl out of courtesy,Motion her to sit down,Say:
“Please wait here。”Finished,He just wanted to turn around and go out,Because he hasn’t finished writing the materials requested by Secretary Guan。
“You let me wait alone?”I didn’t expect this little girl to blurt out this sentence。
Ding Hai was taken aback,I think there are more guests looking for the secretary every day,Is it possible that a secretary of mine has to wait with the guests??I’m afraid nothing can be done in that way。
He smiled,Staring at the little girl’s expression on her face:“Yes,Little girl,If you don’t want to wait, go play elsewhere first,Come back later,Anyway, the secretary won’t come back for a while。”
Tao Lan heard him call herself little girl,I know my age and identity have not attracted this person’s attention,She smiled,Glancing at Ding Hai,Said:“You are his secretary?”
Ding Hai who wanted to turn around and leave,I heard the little girl say this,Nodded at her,And then walked to the door again:“Do you know who I am?”
Little girl finished saying this,Just turned around,Hand back,Contemplating a landscape painting on the wall。
Ding Hai smiled,Did not speak,Walked towards the door again。
“You are not afraid that I will sue you for treating guests slowly?”
Little girl still hasn’t looked back,Hand back,Still looking at that picture,But it doesn’t seem to affect her ability to accurately judge Ding Hai’s actions and psychology。