“Oh,You don’t have to be angry,I’m afraid you haven’t said that,If you think you still don’t understand your hate,I continue to pack him。”
When Qin Liang and Liu Rushi were talking,Completely become another person。
Liu Rushi’s heart is mixed。
If it wasn’t for Qin Liang,This humiliation can only be endured silently,She doesn’t have that ability,I don’t have the guts to find a fat man to reason,And if you really want to come,It is estimated that the end will be worse,Fatty will force himself into the store,then……Then everything is done!
Think about Qin Liang’s meticulous care of himself these days,Think about how he helped himself to pay for such a large hospitalization without even asking,rescue,The cost of treatment,Think about him again to help yourself out,Xingshi moved the crowd and brought so many people to find the fat man to settle accounts,She really feels that she owes Qin Liang there is no way to pay it back。
It seems that you can’t be his wife……
Thought of this,Liu Rushi’s heart began to go up and down。
Her hatred and hatred towards Qin Liang are gone now,in contrast,But more and more good feelings。
The fat guys are surprisingly quick at the moment,In a blink of an eye, a large table of food was placed on the table,Someone graciously poured a large glass of wine for Qin Liang。
“Say,That day among you trash,Anyone beat my wife and her mother?Stand up。”
Qin Liang picked up the wine glass,Take a sip slowly,And asked coldly,The sound is like beer just taken out of the refrigerator,It’s still air-conditioned when you open the lid。
Qin Liang knelt down several times in front of him。
“Big brother,You forgive us……Fat brother let us fight,He instructed us……”