Since this time,Guan Hao always thinks that Liu Tao doesn’t speak much,Belong to Ding Hai,Dumb eat dumplings——Know well。But I didn’t expect him to be better than Ding Hai,And unobtrusive。
“Secretary Liu,You can’t say this casually。Pay attention to the principle。”Guan Hao is obviously unhappy。
Liu Tao blushed,He said:“You let me say,I never said before,I never told my best friend。Besides,If the hot spring city is built,The first benefit is my hometown,Can i not hope it grows up?I just voiced my concerns。”
Guan Hao smiled slightly,Say:“Secretary Liu,I didn’t know how you were a secretary to others,But you must pay attention when you talk to me,Largely,Your words and deeds represent the mayor,This must be remembered。”
Liu Tao is confused,This mayor is calling for the wind and rain in Ducheng,Why are you scared of getting to Jinan?,So nervous in a word,It seems that strong players have strong players,In front of a strong figure like Yue Xiao,He had to put away his edge。Thought of here,He laughed at himself。
Guan Hao never let go of this smile,Just said:“Party and government leaders are not enemies,It’s not Yuliang’s relationship,Complement each other,Cooperate closely,Only in this way can we win,You must pay attention to this in the future。”
Liu Tao turned his eyes away from the mayor in disapproval,Turned to the rippling reeds。Nothing said,But said in my heart:“I’m afraid people may not think like this。”
Guan Hao also didn’t let go of the mental activity represented by his action,Said:“Xiao Liu,We don’t care what others think,We know what to do。What I said today is regarded as a discipline,Everyone around me must abide by this discipline。”Guan Hao paused for a while and said:“Of course,Just tell me this,Show you trust me,But don’t talk outside。”
His last words made Liu Tao feel much better,There is also a feeling of being understood and recognized,Especially the mayor no longer calls him“Secretary Liu”,But call him“Xiao Liu”,This makes Liu Tao feel better。
noon,Liu Tao found a secluded farmyard,They ordered a few water village specialties,Of course, the local famous dish of boiled fish is indispensable。
Guan Hao loves fish,Especially love to eat homemade fish,But oily,Boiled。Taste、pure、Fragrant。
but,Today this fish always tastes weird,And it’s too much,And sprinkle a lot of coriander。Guan Hao frowned,No appetite。
Liu Tao said:“Not to your taste?”
“There is a strange smell。”Guan Haoyi frowned。
The driver Zhou Qiang also said:“Ok,I ate it too。”