2016 Chinese Sports Wealth List: Sun Yang tops Zhang Jike with 69 million
Beijing time, May 22 news, “Sports Weekly” announced the 2016 Chinese sports wealth list, in this list, Olympic swimming champion Sun Yang has 69 million yuan in revenue ranked first, and Zhang Jike, Yi Jianlian, Zhu Ting, Lin Dan and Ding Junhui, followed by Chinese sports stars are also on the list, and it is worth mentioning that Ding Junhui, ranked 10th in the list, also reached 20 million in revenue. For this list, Chinese sportsThe income of top players has entered the era of 20 million clubs.  The “Sports Weekly” list is composed of statistical competition bonuses, commercial sponsorship, and social activity appearance fees. Sun Yang, who won 1 gold and 1 silver at the Rio Olympics, replaced the top of the list with 69 million, and Zhang Jike’s income was 60 million.Although the Tibetan Mastiff rarely defended the men’s singles title at the Rio Olympics, this fast-slam Grand Slam winner is still popular in the sky after the Rio Olympics. While attracting countless fans, he has also become a regular guest of variety shows.The 2016 Chinese sports wealth list only needs to look up to Sun Yang.  On the list announced by the sports world, Ning Zetao surpassed 35 million and ranked third. There are two golfers who are also on the list. They are the women’s golf grand slam champion Feng Shanshan who ranks 4th and surpassed the Chinese golfer.Li Haotong, who was the first shot in the Olympics, ranked ninth with 24 million. Although golf is not a very popular sport in China, it is not surprising that two players were shortlisted due to the highly professional sports.  In addition, the income of the Chinese basketball core Yi Jianlian is 32 million, ranking 5th in the list. Whether it is in the Chinese women’s volleyball national team or overseas, Zhu Ting is a perfect performer. He is also famous on the list.’S main revenue is 30.3 million, ranking sixth in the list, and Lin Dan, who is playing in the Sudirman Cup, has 7 million with 30 million.  The world champion gold belt winner Zou Shiming has a revenue of 25 million and ranks 8th on the list, while Chinese snooker Ding Junhui ranked 10th with a revenue of 20 million. According to statistics, Ding Junhui’s 2016 prize money was aboutRMB 4 million, joining the sponsorship business income, Ding Junhui’s income in the past year also reached 20 million yuan, occupying a place on the list.  Forbes announced the 2016 World Athlete’s Annual Income List. Ronaldo, Messi and James the Little Emperor ranked in the top three. The incomes of the three big coffees were $88 million, $81.4 million and $77.2 million, respectively.The 100th Buster-Bossi salary income is 17.8 million US dollars, endorsement income is 3 million US dollars.It is not obvious from this, even in the list of Chinese athletes’ income published by the “Sports Weekly”, China’s first-class sports stars have entered 20 million clubs, which can be proportioned to world-class experts, and want to catch up with the world in terms of income and influence.The trend still has a long way to go.