How anorexia nervosa is formed

Summer is hot, and in high temperature weather, ordinary people have poor appetite and weakness, not to mention anorexia patients.

Not only will it affect work efficiency, but more importantly, it will have a serious impact on the integration of physical health.

So how does anorexia nervosa develop?

What should I do if I have anorexia in summer?

let’s figure it out together.

  How is anorexia nervosa? Anorexia nervosa is common in adolescent girls and young women. It is characterized by anorexia, weight loss and amenorrhea. Patients have wasting, loose skin, atrophy of subcutaneous abdomen and muscles, protruding bones, edema of the face and lower limbssymptom.

The patient’s body temperature decreased, hands and feet were cold, cyanosis, and blood pressure dropped. In severe cases, prolapse and fainting were prone.

  At this time, the immune system is also severely damaged, the resistance is extremely reduced, and people are particularly prone to infections, such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, hepatitis, and enteritis. After infection, toxic shock is often caused, and severe cases may even lead to death.

  Anorexia is caused by a morbid state of mind, and most of them actively diet because they are afraid of obesity and affect their beauty.

Patients may not be anorectic at first, or make excuses to refuse to eat.

Although some patients feel that their appetite is not bad, they may stop eating after feeling a bit full of stomach after taking a few mouthfuls, or they do not want to see food.

  If the patient is forced to eat, nausea and vomiting are often induced.

Some patients do everything possible to induce rejection and vomiting after eating, with one vomiting as soon as possible.

Due to long-term consumption of a small amount of food, the limited energy in the diet is not enough to supply the daily consumption of the human body, resulting in a situation where people cannot make ends meet. Therefore, the human body consumes glycogen, trace amounts and protein stored in the body to make up for the deficiency.

Glycogen was initially used, however, glycogen storage in the body is limited, and it will soon be used up.

  In the future, it will be mainly based on temporary use, and in the later period, protein will be used as the main energy source.

At this time, a large amount of protein is broken down, the muscles of the whole body are rapidly atrophied, and the protein in the human organs is also significantly lost, thereby reducing the function of the main organs.

In this case, the digestive glands of the digestive tract atrophy, secretion is reduced, gastric acid is reduced, gastric wall muscles are loosened, digestive capacity is significantly reduced, stubborn indigestion and loss of appetite occur.

This is the real anorexia.

  Anorexia nervosa causes malnutrition throughout the body, which in turn leads to diminished digestive function, further reducing the diet, thereby forming a vicious cycle, causing the condition to rapidly deteriorate, causing serious consequences.

  Vitamin B2 is responsible for converting heat energy in the summer when you have anorexia. It can help the body release protein, free radicals and a small amount of energy. In the summer when there is a lot of activity, vitamin B2 is needed.

Traditional Chinese medicine research has found that the human body’s demand for vitamin B2 is increased by transformation activities. The best food sources of vitamin B2 are dairy products such as milk and cheese, as well as green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach.

  In summer, the daily protein intake is preferably 70 grams to 90 grams, and preferably more than half are fish, shrimp, lean meat, chicken, duck, eggs, milk and soy products, which are easily digested and absorbed by the human body.protein.

  In addition, in the summer, fatigue and weakness, dizziness, and loss of appetite may be related to potassium deficiency.

Therefore, you can eat more scallions, celery, edamame, potatoes, bananas, apricots, litchis, peaches, plums and other fresh fruits and vegetables for potassium.

  In addition, health experts recommend that during the summer, you should pay attention to steaming and cooking, reduce frying and frying, and reduce salt and oil, so as to reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In summer, the human body penetrates into sugar and transmission needs. After entering the human body, the grain can be converted into glucose, which is the main source of human sugar. Therefore, we must ensure the substitution of grain and pay attention to the mix of coarse and fine grain.