The God of Immortality’s Art of Moving the Sky is to make the Immortal of Immortality change his body continuously,Enough to make him lose his head,Not dead in a short time,But you need to find your body and replace it,Otherwise, it will last forever。
“Have you gone?”Nameless drink,A sword light flew towards the head of the immortal god。
“Wuming you really want to kill you”God felt the sword light flying towards him,I don’t have the ability to live in two halves。
“Humph”Nameless did not speak,But the backhand is another sword light。
“what~”The immortal god knows he will die,Roared like a beast,Trapped,Wailing before death。
“boom~”The nameless sword light is blocked by a turtle shell。
An old man,Long gown short hair,Appear next to God,I reached out and grabbed the head of God。
“Old man who are you,Let go of the god,Otherwise, my god makes you hard to die”After the head of the immortal god was caught,Still clamoring。
“Can the nameless buy the old man’s face?,Spare his life,After all, there are not many people who can wait at the same level as me”The old man said。
“who are you?”Wuming felt a special fluctuation from the old man,Intuition,Wuming feels that the old man in front of him is not simple。
“The old man has lived too long,I don’t remember the name,I only remember an individual number,Everyone makes me laugh three times”The old man took off the gourd from his waist,Took a sip and said。
“Smile three times”Wuming looked at the person in front of you carefully。
Chapter Forty Two:Smile three times
“Smile three times”Anonymous。