Liu Xiaoyun’s voice suddenly sounded,Then Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue appeared……
“Oh my God!The world will be in chaos right now!”
Qin Liang immediately“Panic”Said。
“I think the storm is coming……”
Yang Shiyun also joined in the fun and said。
“Xiaoyun,I didn’t say anything!I belong to the abused。”
Meizi showed her innocence in the first place,But she is indeed innocent,From beginning to end,She never said a word of Liu Xiaoyun。
“Hehe,Sister Shiyun。”
Liu Xiaoyun walked to Yang Shiyun’s side,Called her sweetly。
Yang Shiyun looked at Liu Xiaoyun alertly,She feels a big wave“Danger”Hitting myself。
“I think you are getting more and more beautiful,Too beautiful。”
Liu Xiaoyun continued to say sweetly。
“I didn’t say anything bad about you……Really,I just said you are eloquent!Said nothing else。And i’m your sister……”Yang Shiyun thinks it is better to show her innocence first,Although she knows that Liu Xiaoyun always respects herself,Never make jokes about yourself,But she still feels a little guilty,Of course a guilty conscience is not afraid,There is no relationship between her and Liu Xiaoyun,just…