Shen Ruoxi answered with a wry smile,The tone is also very positive。
“so,Guns,It has no practical effect for a few of us!Let’s hold it,It’s just pretending。”
Song Min rushed to speak this time……
“Wakayu,When you were the most skinny monkey last time,How dare you shoot him??”
Murong Shan suddenly remembered and asked Shen Ruoxi。
“I scared him!”
Shen Ruoxi immediately defended。
“Then you shot at the sky?Still shot the skin monkey?”
Murong Shan asked curiously。
“I……I can’t remember。”
Shen Ruoxi’s awkward answer,Actually she remembered:At that time she shot at the back of the skin monkey Song Junjie!But how dare she admit it now?!
“Do you dare to shoot people!Wakayu!You scared me!”
Song Min looked at Shen Ruoxi with incredible eyes and said。
“I do not have!I was……I……”
Shen Ruoxi is obviously panicked,I don’t know how to explain this.。
“Can’t blame Ruoxi for this,Her situation was too dangerous!She chased the skin monkey by herself,Pi Monkey is a young man,Really want to fight one-on-one,Ruoxi is dead!So she was right to shoot,And I also shot,But I am worried that Ruoxi is too dangerous to be alone,So it was shot。”
Murong Shan explained the situation for Shen Ruoxi,By the way, I confessed to myself。
“Wakayu!Are you stupid?!Why are you chasing after you alone!Are you flooding your mind?Damn it?Do you want to be a hero??”