[How to make curry celery omelet]_ Home made curry celery omelet _ How to make curry celery omelet _ How to make curry celery omelet

If you want to make good delicious food, you must prepare all the ingredients, seasonings, and tableware.

Of course, the most important thing is to grasp the climate.

After all this is ready, let’s start making curry celery omelet 1.

Add warm water to the flour and knead it thoroughly to form a soft dough, and let it fluff for 20 minutes.


Wash and chop celery leaves; break the eggs in a bowl, break up, add an appropriate amount of salt and mix thoroughly.


21 Curry powder is cooked with cooked oil and salt and mixed into puff pastry.


1 Egg aside, pour in celery leaves and stir well.


Heat the oil in the 2 pans and slip the eggs.


1 Dough is divided into two large pieces and rolled into large pieces.

Spread curry pastry evenly; line with celery eggs.


2 Stir in the right amount of salt.


The crust rolls up and grows into strips.


Roll up from both directions to the middle, respectively.


Cut off and divide into two.


Roll out into a round cake embryo.

Put a layer of oil on the pan and put in the cake pie.


Fry over low heat until yellow on both sides.

I’m very happy that I made the recipe of curry celery egg pans that everyone shared today. If it suits your taste, then don’t hinder you. Try it. I believe you will love it.