Chinese medicine residue is a good material for making feet

“You see, my toenails are dyed red because they always soak my feet with safflower.

“Miss Yiying, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chief physician of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Beijing Hospital, showed her red toenails that she had soaked with Chinese medicine all year round in an interview with reporters.

She also recommends that some leftover Chinese medicine residues are also good materials for soaking feet.

  Director Mi said that doctors often sit for a long time at the clinic. After working a day, she feels tired and her head is rising. Therefore, since seven or eight years ago, every winter and spring season, she will use Chinese medicine to soak her feet every day., And make the whole body blood flow, comfortable, and also help to strengthen bones.

  Director Mi said that there is a principle for choosing Chinese herbal medicines for feet. “I don’t choose expensive ones. Some washing places use precious medicinal materials such as saffron and turtle plate. It is really unnecessary. After all, external use and drinking are two different things. It is too wasteful.

Mr. Mi’s foot bath recipe generally uses safflower (also known as grass safflower), hematoxylin, and achyranthes bidentata traditional Chinese medicine, each taking about 10 grams each, the cost of one time is only one or twomoney.

  The tool for making the feet is very simple. It is an ordinary aluminum or stainless steel basin. Add the right amount of water and Chinese medicine to boil on the fire for about 5 minutes. Take two wooden sticks horizontally on the basin and put your feet on it.When the temperature is tolerable, soak your feet until the water becomes cold.

  When it’s cold, this footbath can be reused the next day. When the weather spots, you can change it every day.

  In addition to soaking their feet with traditional Chinese medicine, when they see a doctor.

  If the traditional Chinese medicine that the patient is taking has blood circulation, strengthening bones and bones, such as Angelica, Eucommia, Chuanxiong, etc., she often tells the patient not to lose the leftover medicine residue, which is a good material for soaking the feet.

  Director Mi said that everyone should develop a good habit of soaking their feet at night. You can add some Chinese medicinal herbs in the winter and spring seasons, and usually use clean water, which will lead to heart fire, liver fire, heat loss, help relieve stress and relax the body and mind.