But look like this,These students should be able to deal with,After all, although the opponent is bound to be strong,But slow,The student is in charge at the moment,The effect is very good。
Xia Chenglong and the others are walking from south to north,The location of the square is almost at the center,As long as luck is not too bad,I shouldn’t meet a two-year old student。
“Hehe,Kid,It’s unlucky for you to meet the two of us,Give us your crystal core quickly。”
“Not give,Life and death。”
How long the three have not left,The most common thing happened before,Two freshmen are snatching the crystal core of another freshman。
“OK,Then don’t blame the two of us for not being affectionate!”
Finished,Directly to the single person and ignore。
A little surprised,That person seems to be weak,No attack ability,Actually avoided the two of them。
“So fast!”
Xia Chenglong’s pupils shrank,Seemingly meaningless wandering,Actually with some secrets,If you didn’t guess wrong,That guy should be a master of physique。
Two people caught,Fierce light in the eyes:“Good boy,Can run,Today I will see how you run out of our brothers。”
“run,Why should i run?”
The two have not reacted,The man who just showed weakness went straight to the other side,The body of a man is actually weaker than a woman,Go through the protection under crossed fists,Turned and came behind the other party。
“Humph,I’m going to kill you!”