[How to make pineapple jam]_ Common practice of pineapple jam _ Practice of pineapple jam _ How to make pineapple jam

Nowadays, life and work are busy and stressful. Many people do not pay attention to the regularity in diet, which will cause various diseases. Mastering the healthy practices of one or two dishes, you can not only enjoy the deliciousness, but also supplement the body’s nutrition, so that ourBetter health.

Let ‘s learn to make pineapple jam 1 with Xiaobian.

Peel the pineapple.

Cut into cubes and fine sugar and marinate for half an hour 2.

1 When the jam is boiled, remove the floating foam. After it is boiled, you can turn to medium and low heat to continue cooking. Add maltose in the middle and continue to cook.

2 Melt the fine sugar and heat until the pineapple is boiled.

When it is a little thick, add the freshly squeezed lemon juice 5.

Finally, cook until the temperature of the jam is about 103 degrees, and the heat can be turned off.

Cool it to about 80 degrees and inject it into the sterilized bottle. It will be completely cooled and then put in the refrigerator. Thank you for learning the production method of pineapple jam with Xiaobian today. It is my greatest joy to share the food with you.May also share this joy with friends around you, let us share the food.