“If I said that before he joined the school team last year,Can’t play football at all,Believe it or not?”
I heard Chu Yifan say that,His roommates stared wide-eyed。
“This is an exaggeration?”
“Bragging must pay attention to the basic law!”
“is that a lie?”
“What good is it to lie to you?”Chu Yifan asked。
“Is not,Even if you join the school team in high school,,It’s only a year and a half now?In a year and a half, you can score five in the last national competition?”
“That’s why I said he improved too fast……”
“It’s not a question of how fast progress is,Isn’t this really going to the sky on a rocket??”
“How about he is a real genius。Do you think his talent is only reflected in the good sense of smell in front of the door??More is reflected in his training progress speed。And you don’t know,When he first entered the school team,It’s like offending our head coach,I feel targeted by the coach everywhere,At that time, many people bet he would quit the team within a month,In the end he not only stayed,And also scored a super beautiful world wave in training,Won a bet with the head coach,Got a chance to play……”
Chu Yifan’s roommates heard him talk so much,I couldn’t help but opened my mouth wide,It gets bigger and bigger at the end,Can’t close at all。
“What world wave?”
“What gambling?”
See roommates who can’t wait to know the details,Chu Yifan frowned in embarrassment:“This is a long story……”