If you need to distinguish true from false,By inkpad。
Ou Zhaozhao’s ink pad,The raw material is mainly a blue-green ore from a foreign mine owned by her,Not rare,But because it is a color specially formulated by someone,Added a lot of other colored ores,And gold powder,So what is presented is something owned by Ou Zhaozhao alone,The only inkpad in the world——Pink-purple and golden Euclidean inkpad,It looks blue when exposed to light,Will turn green when exposed to water。
Euclidean has projects in the stationery industry,Inkpad is one of them。The ink pads produced by Euclidean are all sold by Lunke。Originally, Ou Zhaozhao was for his own convenience,As a result, it became a luxury brand。There are still many people who hope that the queen ink pad can be put into mass production,But because Ou Zhaozhao is a small official,Rich,Still wayward,Private property for private use,No delivery, no loan。
This has become one of the characteristics of Ou Zhaozhao’s personal logo。It’s not that nobody imitates,There are also similar ones,But verify the true and false,Still very convenient。
Mineral elements contained in Ou Zhaozhao’s royal ink pad,Dozens more than imitations。Know the truth at first inspection。
Baby Ou will know so clearly,Because Ou Zhaozhao only told her,Soil mixed with space in inkpad,So it’s absolutely unique,Inkpad that cannot be completely imitated。Words that smell,Only Ou Zhaozhao and Ou Baobao know,The smell of space soil。Others smell,It just smells good。
And the color of the stamp on this application,Seems to be ok,But Ou Baobao, who was familiar with inkpad, recognized it instantly,This is a fake signature。
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Chapter One Hundred and One Hold on
Baby Ou handed back the application form without moving,“This is indeed my mother’s signature。My mother has been busy recently,No time to come to school,otherwise,Let me call,My mother’s assistant,Mr. Jin Yao,Do you know?Let him talk to you.”
The dean immediately nodded in relief。This kind of situation where the parents don’t have time to let the assistant come to deal with it,He sees too much。The family situation of many students in this school,Will be like this。
Baby Ou smiled,“Wait a moment,I go out to make a call。”
I dialed Ono’s number,Pick it up over there,“Hey,Pro treasure?what’s wrong?”
“Where are you?”After Ono goes to school,The two titles of Qinbao and Sister,Change back and forth,The frequency of occurrence is basically the same。I am obviously in a good mood now,So call her a treasure。