Uncle Sheng, who sat down on the edge of the bed, took the hands of his eldest son and his wife happily, and didn’t even care about the boobs here.,Somewhat indifferent to other children,Is the treatment of the eldest son too high??
Shortly,Sheng Zegang also stood up and left。
“Really don’t want us to stay?”Ignore the Shengjia sister’s accusation,Fang Yourong confirmed to Sheng Zegang who gently closed the door and came out,If in their hometown,If the elders are hospitalized and don’t take care of them,Will be scolded by the neighbours who point their backbone behind their backs。
“Leave it alone,Mother was born for father,Disturbed my mother’s happiness,I don’t want to be beaten yet。”what does this mean?It sounds very philosophical and very exclusive。
Sheng Zegang, who turned around and looked at the closed ward for a while, issued an order,“Go back。”
The eldest son said so,Then go back。A group of people walk back the same way,Through the long corridors and cloisters when I came,it’s wired,Is this hospital this big??Is the road so long?Under the shining of fluorescent lamps at night,The hospital filled with disinfectant makes people feel cold。
In the chill,My cold hand was brought into a warmer pocket by a warm hand,So warm。
Looking at Sheng Zegang beside,Two hands are crisscrossed in the pockets of the dark green woolen coat,Fang Yourongle。
“You don’t have to guess at will,Dad is a routine checkup,No other problems。”Out of the hospital,Sheng Zegang,“Are you going home for the New Year this year,Wait for mom’s notice。”I declined Sunjae’s heart,Sheng Zegang:“I want to walk with Xiaofang。”
I glanced at the badge on Sheng Zegang’s army coat again,Trying to keep as little fuss as possible, they drove away separately。
Walking on the neon flashing street,Continuous cloudy days radiate the cold in the air,Walking side by side on the street,Go forward without purpose,Running forward,Feel like going on endlessly。
“Today is the last day of my service,I can’t wear this kind of clothes tomorrow,Specially worn for you,how about it,Isn’t it handsome。”A coat with no dust on the coat,Saying this, Sheng Zegang was three points frivolous。
What does retirement mean?That means I won’t disappear randomly in the future?Move forward, look up and down carefully under the light of street lights and roadside neon lights,The dark woolen coat looks much more energetic than other clothes,Fang Yourong smiled,It doesn’t matter whether you are handsome or not,The most important thing is that this man belongs to him。
Hand in hand at night, walking forward aimlessly together,The ten fingers clasped tightly in the pocket are full of warmth。
Haven’t seen me for half a year,The speechlessness under this meeting spreads a little bit of shyness,Hold back for a long time,Fang Yourongdao who struggled to find a topic that does not affect the atmosphere:“That one,I have a little question,What does your father do?”
“Just want to know?”Sheng Zegang stared at his home for a long time before coming up with a topic of his home with Yourong,Haven’t seen me for half a year,Will be shy,So cute。