“difficult,None of the Big Three in this game played。They have not adjusted from the state of retirement at the end of the season,As long as a superstar finds the status of the playoffs,Then the sun is hard。Superstar dominance,There is still a difference between a player who is always close to Kevin Johnson。”
“If Barkley is hacked this round,Tut tut。That kind of shame might make him retire directly,Shameful。”
“The Suns’ new coach Danny Angie has two brushes,He is really good at adjusting the offense of the Suns team。”
Kobe’s eyes seemed to look into the distance,Danny Angie,The future leader of the Boston Celtics,Will it start to shine from now??
Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Seven Sweep into the next round!!!
“Got in!Entered again!Home of the kingsArco Arena ⅡSilent!The Lakers players and coaching staff are the only lively crowd in this arena!”
“Unreasonable!Kobe’s style of play is really unreasonable!Sharp-edged!Every attack pierced the king’s heart!Every time the king rises,Kobe used a super difficult jump shot,Curb the opponent’s momentum。Bryant’s beautiful footwork and super difficult jump shot,Make people feel desperate。”
“Can’t help it!The king really can’t prevent Kobe,Richmond after the first setback,Gave up the thankless task of defending Kobe,The king still asked Richmond to focus more on the offensive end,This cannot be said to be a wrong decision,After all, judging from the results of the first game,Even Richmond defends Kobe,The effect is not much better。”
“And the King’s other guards and small forwards,Billy-Owens,Mahmoud-Lauf,Bobby-Hurley,Collis-Williams has been blasted by Kobe in turn。”
“Tall and short,Fast and strong,The king has exhausted all means,Exhausted all kinds of defenders to stop Kobe。But Kobe faced the adjustment of different defenders,You don’t even need to adapt,Can find the most suitable offensive method to complete the score in the first time。”
“O’Neal optimistic in the inside,Kobe is dancing on the outside!Richmond’s performance in Game 3 is already quite good,But compared to the Lakers’ Wang Zhan,Still too far。”
“Los Angeles Lakers116:98King Sacramento!All three playoff games,Sweep!The Lakers became the first team to enter the second round!Congratulations to the Lakers!”
“Congratulations to Kobe for winning again30+!Kobe and O’Neal won the game30+!”