Liangzi and the three of them were treated urgently in the hospital,Was sent to the ward,And then,The surprise interrogation of them also started immediately……
Mainly attacking Ryoko,Of course it is plum。Liangzi lying on the hospital bed,Both hands and feet were handcuffed to the hospital bed,Can’t move,Actually even if you don’t handcuff him,He can’t resist,He was shot in the right arm and right leg.,That was shot by a sniper rifle,The right half of his body is now completely lost
Perception,Can’t move。
Maybe it’s because I know what is waiting for my final fate,So Ryoko chose silence,Say nothing!No matter what Meizi asks him,He is a deaf virtue。
“how?I’d rather die than surrender?Ha ha。”
Plum stands up from the chair,After walking around the hospital bed twice,Stopped and asked faintly。Actually it is not very important for Liangzi to confess his crimes,Because he is in his friend and hostage;Xiaohong’s home,To many things that Xiaohong said,Not only Yang Shiyun and the special forces team members heard,And it was recorded……But what Meizi wants to know now,Is bright
Where did Zi’s four guns come from?!From the beginning of the survey site,Both the detectives and Mei Zi believe that the four suspects have at least two guns,When many came to surrender,It is reported that Ryoko and his companion have three guns in their hands!But in the end, after capturing Ryoko and the others,,Unexpectedly
Finally seized four guns!
After these four guns were identified,Make sure they are all modified by themselves,But it was modified by myself,Or modified from somewhere,This question needs to be clarified。
But the way Ryoko is now,Obviously planning to say nothing。
Considering that Ryoko has just received emergency treatment after suffering a gunshot wound,The body is still in a state of extreme weakness,So Meizi doesn’t want to interrogate him excessively,Although he is a criminal,But he still needs the most basic humanitarian treatment……
“Watch him closely,Tell me immediately。”