“Ok,Let’s cover this matter,What did Zhang Liang’s wife say??She didn’t have the house,Can you watch others go live without pursuing it??”
“This……”Wang Jiadong had no idea。
“Jiadong,Really annoying!Someone steals something from your site,You have to cover him,Fucking……Wretched!”Fan Wenliang rarely speaks foul language。
Wang Jiadong thought for a while,Say:“I think of a way。”
For Wang Jiadong,Some ways are,What needs him to use his brains here is how to make his forces get the most benefit in every change.,This is where he bothers。
“boss,Jiang Fan should know about this。”When there is no one, Wang Jiadong likes to call Fan Wenliang like this。
Fan Wenliang saw Wang Jiadong’s tone firm,Think about it:“should,Find a chance, let’s talk to him。”
in fact,Every time you encounter a major event,Fan Wenliang still trusts Wang Jiadong,Sometimes this trust becomes dependent。
When the minister called,Peng Changyi is down“Interview the poor。”
Although such activities are held every year,But for the first time as a local official, Peng Changyi,He decided to take this cut seriously。First, I was originally a child from the countryside,Always have sympathy for the peasants’ living conditions;Secondly, this is also the best way to show yourself once。and so,After he asked the party committee,Increased the scope and funding of this year’s condolences。
He brought the deputy secretary Liu Zhong、Cai Shengli, the newly appointed Minister of Armed Forces, a demobilized soldier,And civil affairs、Political office、Women’s Federation、Youth League Committee,Visiting the villagers to give condolences to those in need、Five Guarantees、Disabled soldiers and martyrs,To send these people the necessities of life such as rice noodles and oil,One hundred dollars,Make sure they eat dumplings。
North City,Although it is the richest place in the city,But when the county was removed from the county and the city was established,The six natural villages near the jurisdiction are assigned to Beicheng,Farmers in these six villages have more arable land,Few people go out to work,Living standards are generally low,In this visit,Peng Changyi saw the empty greenhouse left by Zhou Lin,I did have some ideas in my heart。I went to a meeting with Jiang Fan in Jin’an last year,Jiang Fan meant to revitalize these greenhouses,If in winter,Guide these farmers to use the abandoned greenhouse,Plant some off-season vegetables,Not only increase income,Can also make Jiang Fan’s face shine,It is indeed a good thing,So he told Liu Quan:
“This task is up to you,You are responsible for training a group of vegetable growers,I can consider giving you some subsidies,Lead the villagers to grow vegetables and become rich,But don’t make too much,Find a village with a better foundation to start the pilot,When people see the benefits,You don’t have to spend your tongue to promote,Naturally it is effectively imitated。”
Liu Quan graduated from the Agricultural College,Assigned to work in the Science and Technology Commission,Later, the country increased its tilt towards agricultural policies,A plan to support agriculture, rural areas and farmers was launched,In accordance with superior requirements,Each township is equipped with a deputy head of science and technology,These farmers who graduated from rural areas have become the deputy head of science and technology.,Some people even removed“Technology”Two words,Formally entered the establishment of department-level cadre sequence。Liu Quan is one of them,her“Turn positive”Thanks to Peng Changyi’s help,Currently in charge of rural science and technology popularization,So I just follow Peng Changyi’s words。She said readily:
“no problem,I’ll try it first after the new year。”
“Don’t be greedy,Just build a village first。”Peng Changyi told。
After returning from the village below,It’s almost noon,Peng Changyi called Minister,The minister said at the beginning:“The flamboyant is back?”