The best defense in the 2013-14 season: Noah George led No. 1 Zhan Huang Hebei was squeezed out
The NBA official today announced the league’s best defensive player in the 2013-14 season. The first goal of the best defense is led by Noah, the best defensive player of the season.Beverly and LeBron were “crowded” to the second stage.The following is a detailed list of the best defensive tactics: First stage of the best defense: Joe King Noah (Bulls): 223 points, got 105 first-place votes.Noah was named the best defensive player of the season in the Air Force. He has contributed 11 per game this season.3 rebounds 1.51 times tip and 1.24 steals.Leading the first stage, this is the second consecutive year he was selected as the best defense first stage.It also ended the embarrassment that the NBA’s best defensive player missed the best defensive lineup for two consecutive years.  Paul George (Walker): 161 points, got 65 first-stage votes.Paul averaged 1 per game this season.89 steals, ranking fifth in the league, is the only one in the league to contribute 6 per game.5+ rebounds and 1.8+ stealing players.  Chris Paul (Clippers): 156 points, 64 first-level votes.Among the players in the backcourt, Paul’s defense is outstanding. He has been selected as the best defensive team for three consecutive years and averaged 2 per game this season.48 steals, becoming the league’s steals king for 4 consecutive years.  Serge Ibaka (Thunder): 152 points, 54 first vertical votes.In the series against the Spurs, Ibaka once again proved his worth in the Thunder.Andre Iguodala (Warriors): 148 points, got 57 first vertical votes.Iguodala had the same number of votes as LeBron in a while, but his second-ranked votes were 14 more than LeBron, and he was better than the opponents in the frontcourt, expanding LeBron in the first game.He joined the Warriors last summer, so the Warriors’ wing defense has greatly improved, and the team’s overall defensive ranking has jumped from 19th to 10th in the league.Best defensive second game: LeBron James (Heat): 134 points, got 57 first votes.This is the first time he has missed the best defensive team in more than 6 years.  Patrick Beverly (Rockets): 112 points, 44 first-section votes.  Jimmy Butler (Bulls): 103 points, 29 first-level votes.  Kawai Leonard (Spurs): 89 points, 16 first votes.The two best defensive lineup players, Leonard and LeBron, will stage a fierce collision in the finals.  Roy Hibbert (Walker): 76 points, got 15 first-stage votes.  Other players who won the ballot but missed the best goal included: Clippers DeAndre Jordan 63 points; Pelicans Antonio Davis 62 points; Grizzlies Tony Allen 60 points; Spurs Tim DuncanScored 45 points; Rockets Dwight Howard scored 26 points; Bulls Gibson scored 21 points; Grizzlies Mike Conley scored 21 points; Timberwolves Ricky Rubio scored 19 points; Pacers Lance StephenSen scored 14 points; Sun’s PJ Tucker scored 13 points; Thunder’s Kevin Durant scored 10 points; Raptors’ Kyle Lowry scored 10 points; Grizzlies’ Mark Gasol scored 8 points; Chris Bosh scored 4 points.Even Harden scored 2 points.  The best defense measures were voted by 123 media journalists and commentators from the United States and Canada. They listed the first and second steps in their minds.2 points will be included in the first level, 1 point will be included in the second level.According to the total score, the first and second stages of the best defense are discharged.