Review Consumer Finance Company 2019: Changyin is 5-8% black horse, four are fined one million
The annual reports of listed companies have successively disclosed that the performance of licensed consumer finance companies has also surfaced indirectly.On April 3, Sauna and Yewang did not fully sort out and found that at present 8 consumer finance companies including China Merchants Consumer Finance, Consumer Finance immediately, Changyin 58 Consumer Finance, and Jinshang Consumer Finance released their performance.Among them, China Merchants Consumer Finance maintained a rapid growth in performance, and its net profit increased by 17% to 14 in 2019.6.6 billion US dollars, while the net profit of Jinshang Consumer Finance decreased by 3.6 billion US dollars.3% to 5221.950,000 yuan.In addition, Changyin May 8 Consumer Finance has become a “dark horse” in annual performance, with net profit growth of up to 18 times last year.”Dark Horse” Changyin 58 Consumer Finance’s net profit breaks 200 million. For licensed consumer finance companies, the “profit king” is hard to find, but the “dark horse” often changes.In 2017, the “two-year-old” immediate consumption financial net profit reached 5.7.8 billion, compared with 652 in the previous year.The increase of 20,000 yuan is about 88 times, and it has become a “dark horse” that breaks through the industry pattern.Looking back on 2019, a new “dark horse” appeared.Changsha Bank’s 2019 financial report shows that as of the end of the reporting period, Changyin May 8 Consumer Finance achieved operating income.1.2 billion yuan, a net profit of 2.100 million yuan.Compared to 1105 in 2018.With a net profit of 960,000 yuan, the profit of Changyin Fifty-eight Consumer Finance increased by 18 times.And finally ended, the total assets of Changyin Fifty-eight Consumer Finance also exceeded 10 billion, and the asset scale reached 103.8.1 billion yuan.Harbin Consumer Finance also doubled its profits last year.According to Harbin Bank’s 2019 financial report, Harbin Consumer Finance’s net profit for the year was 1.06.7 billion, an annual increase of 113.4%.”There are joys and sorrows in the home”, in contrast to the dark horse in performance, there are also profits of consumer finance companies that have declined.According to the financial report disclosed by the listed company Yuxin Technology, Jinshang Consumer Finance’s net profit in 2019 is approximately 5221.950,000 yuan, with a net profit of about 8,197 in 2018.The proportion of 140,000 yuan decreased by 36.3%.Yuxin Technology’s financial report data also shows that Hubei Consumer Finance, another consumer finance company, has a net profit of about 1 in 2019.11 ppm, an annual increase of 7.77%.In 2018, Hubei Consumer Finance achieved a net profit of approximately 1.3.0 billion.Among the top consumer finance companies in the industry, China Merchants Consumer Finance continued to maintain strong growth in performance.As of the end of 2019, China Merchants Union ‘s consumer finance income was as high as 107.400 million, an annual increase of about 54.4%.The net profit of China Merchants Consumer Finance last year reached 14.6.6 billion yuan, an increase of about 17% over the previous year.Another veteran consumer money company also gained 17.89% profit increase.In 2019, BOC Consumer Finance achieved a net profit of approximately 6.5.9 billion yuan, net profit in 2018 was about 5.5.9 billion yuan.In addition, Immediate Consumer Finance’s revenue in 2019 will grow by 9 each year.22%, reaching 89.9.9 billion yuan.The company’s net profit is 8.53 trillion, an increase of 6 from 2018.51%.According to the annual report of the Postal Savings Bank, China Post Consumer Finance will initially achieve a net profit in 20193.4.9 billion yuan.Compared with the 2018 earnings data disclosed by the Postal Savings Bank’s prospectus, China Post Consumer Finance’s net profit growth in 2019 increased by 71.92%.Can the epidemic in early 2020 eliminate the pressure on the future performance of Gold Corporation?Immediately consumer finance founder and CEO Zhao Guoqing believes that the impact of the epidemic is short-term and phased, and the long-term benefits of China’s consumer finance industry will not change because of the epidemic.However, he also admitted that the consumer finance industry will face some short-term challenges, such as “decrease in offline transaction volume”, “some users’ ability to repay debts has been hit” and so on.Regarding the impact of the epidemic on the consumer finance industry, Xue Hongyan, deputy dean of Suning Financial Research Institute, believes that the industry will further diversify, with strong risk control capabilities, improved reputation, and reasonable pricing of consumer financial products.On the basis of the influence of the annual strong supervision, it continues to shrink, and a new round of shuffling has begun.Four consumer finance companies were fined one million last year, and the use of credit reporting violations became the focus. “In 2019, something happened in the industry, some of which were predicted by us, and some were not predicted.”From post-loan to payment, from data to technology, from marketing to filing, we have experienced strict supervision of the entire chain.Zhao Guoqing concluded when reviewing the development of the consumer finance industry in 2019.In the context of strict supervision of the financial industry, statistics show that the compliance of the consumer finance industry has been further strengthened.Xu Xiang, a researcher at the Institute of Chinese Economic Thought and Practice at Tsinghua University, recently released the “China Consumer Credit Market Research 2019” report, saying that the overall impact of the consumer finance industry has been reduced, indicating the results of the continuous improvement of the overall development of the industry.Significantly, industry compliance has increased significantly.As an important player in the consumer finance market, licensed consumer finance companies suffered a reduction in suspected amounts in 2019.According to the incomplete statistics of Sauna and Yeewang, in 2019, a total of four consumer finance companies were differentiated by swaps or the China Banking Regulatory Commission, namely Huarong Consumer Finance, Jinshang Consumer Finance, Shengyin Consumer Finance, and Zhongyuan Consumer Finance.The total amount of fines confiscated by related companies and personnel reached 1.77 million yuan.In 2018, the institutions that suffered the violations included BOC Consumer Finance, Beiyin Consumer Finance and Hangyin Consumer Finance, and received a total of 5 fines. Related companies and personnel were fined 382 in total.680,000 yuan.In 2017, the Air Force’s five licensed consumer finance companies committed violations, and related companies and personnel were fined 11.89 million yuan in total.Judging from the breach of the contract disclosed by the regulator, the issue of violations of credit reporting has become the focus of fines for consumer finance companies in 2019.On January 17, 2019, Huarong Consumer Finance was given a $ 5 million label by the Hefei Center Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China for violating the relevant regulations on the credit management of the People’s Bank of China.Yuan fine.Jinshang Consumer Finance also has the problem of generally agreeing to search for personal information.On August 15, 2019, the Taiyuan Center Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, in accordance with Article 40 of the “Credit Management Regulations”, ordered Jinshang Consumer Finance to make corrections within a specified period of time, and set a penalty of 500,000 yuan, and invoice the directly responsible supervisor50,000 yuan.Huarong Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. is the largest consumer finance company fined in 2019.In addition to the fines from the starting point at the beginning of the year, on November 14, 2019, Huarong Consumer Finance Company was marked 600,000 yuan by the Anhui Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau.There are two problems with Huarong Consumer Finance. One is that the use of consumer loans is not compliant, and the other is that it violates the principle of prudent operation and poses major risks.On November 18, when he was Assistant General Manager and Risk Director of Huarong Consumer Finance Company, Zhang Qiong, General Manager of the Risk Management Department, also received the suspicion that he was responsible for violations of Huarong Consumer Finance Company’s violation of the principle of prudent operation and the formation of major risksDirect liability was eventually given a warning and imposed a fine of 50,000 yuan.In addition, on September 6, 2019, Shengyin Consumer Finance was fined 200,000 yuan by the Liaoning Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau for the risk of personal loan business due to the careless management of loan funds payment by banking financial institutions.On September 29, 2019, Zhongyuan Consumer Finance had the problem of “post-loan management does not perform due diligence, and credit funds flowed into the securities market in violation of regulations”. Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau can reduce it by 3 billion yuan.According to Xue Hongyan, deputy dean of Suning Financial Research Institute, encouraging the development of licensed institutions and requiring them to comply with regulations are not contradictory. For a long period of time in the future, strict supervision will be the main theme of the consumer finance industry.”For non-licensed institutions, the core point of strict supervision is licensed operation; and for licensed institutions, the core point of strict supervision is compliance operation.”” Sauna, Night Net Editor Chen Peng Chen Li proofreading Liu Baoqing