“The Lakers fielded a small fish off the bench,Curry,Corsi,Horry,Campbell’s system。”
“The Bulls are still playing with Pippen on the bench。”
“Chief Parrish, who played well at the critical moment of the last game, still appeared on the court。”
The Lakers’ bench in the last game was lost,But Horry and Curry returned to the bench in this game,And Pippen fought a dead end。
Pippen is still unstoppable on the bench,Actually without Kobe,The Lakers simply don’t have players who can defend Pippen alone,Even Bowen defends,Pippen wants to average20+It’s easy。
Pippen on the bench is dominant!
But the projections of old Curry and Horry,Still steadily maintaining the Lakers’ hard-earned advantage。
Wait until both sides are starting,Pippen didn’t even get the score back。
“Jerry West’s trade during the season is too strong,He is this year’s manager of the year,If there is no Horry, there is old Curry,I can’t imagine what the Lakers’ situation will be like now.。”
“What if he didn’t trade to Kobe?”
“That’s even more terrible.”
Both starters are back on the court。
“Kobe voted!There is no offensive space for a few passes!Kobe shoots from three points!”
“yanPippen!Hit!Kobe’s three-pointer!”
“Michael Jordan back to color,But the score gap is getting bigger and bigger!”
“3Score2One more point!”
“Kobe feels hot,Can still hit with double-teaming!”
“Can’t stop it!Kobe’s range is getting farther and farther!”