“Wakayu,You promised me,Can’t go back。”Qin Liangsheng was afraid that Shen Ruoxi would go back,Speak immediately。
He has been busy these days,It’s fine if Shen Ruoxi doesn’t let it touch,Without even a compensation,Isn’t that a big loss?,So he made up his mind,Shen Ruoxina*Dance selfies must be obtained,I can see it every day,Better than nothing。
Shen Ruoxi took a sip of Qin Liang:“You men,When I heard that I don’t wear clothes,My eyes gleam immediately。”
Qin Liang said with a hippy smile:“Hey,Confucius said it all,Sex food!I’m a serious man,If you don’t admit it generously,Am I still a man?。”
Shen Ruoxi didn’t expect that lust can be said so openly by Qin Liang,I even took out Confucius and said something,The pretty face turned red。
“having said so much,Wakayu,It’s time to give me the video now。”Qin Liang smiled wretchedly,Reached out for Shen Ruoxi。
Shen Ruoxi pursed her mouth and smiled,Took out the phone,Sent a WeChat video to Qin Liang,Then said with a mysterious face:“Qin Liang,Wait for you to watch,Be sure to collect this video well,Don’t delete。I won’t watch it with you,Such a shy thing,You have to go back to the room and watch,Don’t let Ruoxue know,All right,I went upstairs to sleep。”
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Chapter Ninety Aunt’s wonderful logic
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After speaking, Shen Ruoxi smiled profoundly,Got up and went back to the room。
Qin Liang’s heart is full of Shen Ruoxi’s dancing videos now,Why pay attention to Shen Ruoxi’s strangeness?,He just kept smirking and nodding。
“Haha,Wakayu,Do not worry。I will never let Ruoxue know,I must save this video,I want to watch it every night before going to bed!”Qin Liang said vowedly。
Wait for Shen Ruoxi to return to the room,Qin Liang couldn’t bear it anymore,Don’t even accept the dishes,Rushed into the room excitedly,Excitedly took out his mobile phone,I saw the video sent by Shen Ruoxi,Qin Liang rolled a few times on the bed excitedly,I slowly calmed my emotions。
Worked so long,I can finally see Shen Ruoxi without clothes!It’s not easy,Make a beauty,Not really more tired than fighting。Qin Liang sighed in his heart。