Yi Nan arrived at the county government early in the morning,When she saw Peng Changyi’s car really sitting
When there are not so many people,There is a look of disappointment on my face,Peng Changyi asked Xiao Pang:“Didn’t you tell her when you got off work yesterday??”
Xiao Pang said:“I told,I said that the seven-seater car broke down,I can only drive the county magistrate’s car,You and I can’t go,Who knows how she returned。”
Peng Changyi’s mouth has a sneer,He knew that Yi Nan didn’t believe it。
After the group is ready,Old Gu drove off。
After arriving in Kangzhou,Old Gu was sent home,Peng Changyi drove straight to Beijing。
Ma Sen, Director of the County Party History Office,I have contacted the editor of that party magazine,That name is“Shanzi”author,Waiting at home today。then,They follow the Shanzi family address provided by the editorial department,Came to a hutong near the second ring road in Beijing,Stop at a gate guarded by armed police soldiers,Qixiang get off and register,I got another small card to go out,Then let go。
Entered this gate,There is no cave inside,I saw that this community is scattered with small villas with Soviet style,Spire、Dome、Tent roof,Some exterior walls are also engraved with various reliefs,Around this villa area,Tall buildings with modern flavor,Hold this small villa area in your arms,Only this villa area is open,nice environment,The greenery is very beautiful,The blank places are planted with lawns and various trees,suddenly see the light。
Ma Sen, director of the Party History Office, took out a small note,Took a look,Pointing to a small independent villa on the front left and said:“It should be that。”
Peng Changyi followed a Xiaoyong Road,Stopped in front of a small Soviet-style building built in the 1940s and 50s,He said:“You go down and knock,I’ll turn around。correct,Young man,You want to record everything,It will be precious information in the future。”
The camera reporter nodded,Said:“Mayor Peng rest assured,I will。”
After the three of them go down,Ma Sen went to ring the doorbell by the low wall,A man in his fifties who looked like a nanny came out,They said to Mason:“Are you from Sanyuan?”
Ma Sen said quickly:“Yes,This is the mountain……child……Shanlao’s home??”He doesn’t know what to call the old man。
At this moment,Someone in the room is talking:“Sister Zhang,Are you a comrade of Sanyuan??Come in soon。”Just finished,Out of it a tall and thin man、Tall and tall、Spiritual,Simple dress、Homely,But very neat old man。
Ma Sen and Qi Xiang took a few steps,Come to the door,Shake hands with this old man,Mason says:“Good head!”Qi Xiang also said:“Good head。”
The old man is smiling,Shook hands with them one by one,He glanced at the reporter who had already started recording,Said:“Young man,Not urgent,Go to the house and drink water first,Take a break。”
But the reporter who filmed was obviously instructed by Peng Changyi,Put it all in the lens。