Did you forget the smiling face of Old Deng’s head before??
Just because he was not happy enough,Was convicted of a technical offender,And McGee is much worse than Old Deng’s。
McGee was stopped,so close,His slap was sent to the referee’s face。
Regarding whether he dared to take action,Xu Xuan has no doubts,McGee absolutely dared。
So he stepped forward and grabbed McGee the first time。
It’s enough to be convicted of a technical criminal,Again,Will be expelled。
McGee is about to be expelled,Walkers are also troublesome,Hibbert can’t fight after all,Ma Xinmi is too soft,Not to beTTBullying。
“This time,The Cavaliers have overtaken。”Yu Jia said。
“That’s not?Pacers foul at the first move,Even if there are five pigs on the opposite side, you can’t still fall behind。”Zhang Yifang spit out。
Yu Jia speechless。
Boss,Can you not be so blunt?
You will offend people!
I’m so afraid I won’t see you here tomorrow.