Five o’clock,Qin Dacheng called Lin Dong,Let him eat in the college cafeteria。
tonight,College leaders and students performing on stage,All have dinner here,When Lin Dong arrived,Staff dining room,Already sitting full of dangdang。
Dinner is very good,Lin Dong didn’t sit with Qin Dacheng,Although Qin Dacheng beckoned to him,He still chose to sit with the students on the show。
He didn’t want to eat a meal and listened to nagging。
After meal,Two buses,Go straight to the sports center。
There are not many audiences at the Cultural and Sports Center tonight,But not too small。
Qin Xiaomi came directly to the backstage under the stage,Sit down beside Lin Dong。
For Qin Xiaomi, come here,Lin Dong is not surprised。
“Did you catch a cold yesterday??”
Lin Dong cares,Qin Xiaomi was very happy,“No,I’m not that delicate。”
Then I saw the erhu box next to Lin Dong,She asked:“Tonight you play river water?”
Lin Dong smiles,“Is not,Play this tonight,You look,Play on the piano,This song is also very beautiful。”
Took out a few sheet music,Handed it to Qin Xiaomi。
Qin Xiaomi was surprised,After receiving,Just watched,While watching,Melody in my heart。
gradually,Qin Xiaomi became excited and excited。
This melody is so beautiful!