Shen Ruoxue naughty learning Qin Liang’s tone and said to Ling Mofeng,She and Liu Xiaoyun,Meizi knows that Qin Liang is gloating,After all, everyone spends too much time together,I know each other too much。
“Thank you……”
This time Ling Mofeng dare not say anything else,Frankly thanked Shen Ruoxue。
“Brother Mofeng, have you eaten yet??If you didn’t eat,I’ll make you something to eat。”
It’s rare for Liu Xiaoyun to be so enthusiastic,He was so good to Ling Mofeng!
“Ate,Thank you sister Xiaoyun,I have eaten it。”
Ling Mofeng replied flatteredly。
“Brother Mo Feng, go in and sit and talk,Tired all day。”
Meizi didn’t know if it was deliberately booing or something,Actually said to Ling Mofeng enthusiastically。
“Oh oh……it is good,I am not tired,I have been in the photo studio today,So not tired,Thanks sister plum。”
Ling Mofeng is getting nervous,The three junior sisters were all so kind to him suddenly,Instead let him“Frightened”Up,He knows the mighty domineering of the Shen’s sisters very well,Especially Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are great,He has also been taught countless times,Today all three little girls suddenly became like this“Distressed”he,Of course he will be scared!So he was very serious and politely thanked every junior sister。
“I have a hasty,When did you become so polite?Thank you one sentence?Why didn’t you do that when you were talking to me??Are you looking at someone to order dishes? You!This is a bit too much Ling Mofeng!Haven’t you become a typical colorist and a friend!”
Qin Liang began to deliberately struggle with Ling Mofeng again,But he patronized and cheated,Speak without thinking,even“Pay more attention to color than friends”All said it!
“What are you talking about……”
Ling Mofeng was embarrassed again in an instant。
“Brother-in-law,Did you take the wrong medicine today??Why do you always say something messy??This means my sisters are not here,otherwise,This is your own rhythm。”